Fancy Dress Party

We had a friends 40th Birthday Party to go to last night. It was Fancy Dress with the theme of “P”. Have you ever noticed that you can rattle off a whole list of things you could dress up as at anytime, but when it comes down to the crunch of deciding – you mind goes blank.

After much deliberation – and searching of the op shops – we finally came up with the following costumes……..
All dressed up and a Party to go to
From left back: Elise – Pirate, Me – Poultry Farmer (note the chickens sewn to my windcheater – Yeah ok so I know it’s not brilliant, but I had run out of ideas by then), Ashley – Pilot of the “Seldom Crash Airlines” where you get a free parachute with every seat booked. Middle row: James – Pirate and Nicola – Princess. Front Row: Milly and Ajax who were not invited, but who would have had a ball running after all the kids that were there.

The really nice thing was that all but one lady dressed up and the majority of people went to a lot of trouble to come up with a beleiveable costume. There were prizes for the best costumes – awarded by the Birthday Boy (who happened to be dressed as a patient in surgical gown and slippers) which all started with “P” – Ashley won a plate! There were lolly throws for the kids and apparently Karoke for those who had had enough liquid refreshment to feel they were good enough to sing – regardless of what anyone else thought of them.

Even the rain held off long enough for everyone together in the Tennis Clubrooms without getting soaked – after that it didn’t matter.

Elise(Pirate), Nicola (Princess) and James (Pirate)
Elise and James were getting a little too excited with their pirate swords and the prospect of capturing a Princess when I took this photo. I might add there was no ransom demands for the Princess – I think they forgot that bit….grin.


4 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Party

  1. LOL You all look GREAT! Love the costumes, the kids look fantastic .. and your chicken outfit is cute, you should wear it down the street sometime soon! *grin*

  2. You all look great! Great stuff Catherine..
    The kids really look the part…and remind me not to fly with Ashley!!!says me who hates flying at the best of times..

  3. oh wot a hoot-U all look terrific and remind NEVER EVER to fly with Ashley- hes not a good looking pilot gggg but you all look fabulous-

  4. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! Usually people only get to do it on Halloween. I think you did a great job coming up with 4 different “P” costumes.

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