Cream and Orange

Now, personally I happen to think that cream and orange go very well together – in small doses – but when I started this block at Easter I had a lot of people telling me I was “nuts”… well I think they were referring to the colours in the block anyway….grin. I was determined, and still am, to prove that these colours can look stunning together if done creatively – throw in a bit of purple/mauve and you get a colour combination that is quite different.

The naked block was constructed by Marueen for me to use in Viv’s lesson where we pulled apart Braids to see what other threads we could come up with.

I started with this idea……
cream orange block
Which wasn’t too bad although the bright orange curly thread at the middle was causing me concern. I only had limited amounts of orange to work with as well with also caused some head scratching. Finally I played around with my dyes (ozcraft) and dyed some silk ribbon and some thread to match the orange flowers I had used when I got home. I had been given the orange, yellow and brown variagated thread (top right corner) and played around with couching it down – something that I don’t do very often. What a lovely way to fill in a large area and so very effective too.

I might add there has been quite a bit of unpicking in this block, trialling ideas and colours although the futher I go with it, the more things are starting to work – or maybe I have just got my eye in.

In the end that peice of orange just became too much and I removed it…
cream orange block 2
and I feel much happier about it now. The beads that are with the orange flowers were pulled off a peice of ribbon we had been given to play with in the lesson and I really quite like the effect and must try it again on another block.

I have practised the Melanie Rose that Julia taught us (you can find instructions to do these here) and I think I am starting to work them out – it was touch and go there for a while…..grin. Practice is needed and as it is such a lovely rose I dont’ think there will be any shortages of practice.

I am debating about using a cream flower of some description with orange highlights in the centre patch, but am unsure at this stage. I would like to try the Brazillian Dimensional Embroidery again and I think that could be the place for it. There is also room for a spider and web somewhere I think. The green circular feather stitch will have flowers (possibly orange) arranged on just one side of it – I think! As I said – it is a work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Cream and Orange

  1. I like your block cant say I would be making one tomorrow but its looking classy and with that FUNNY piece of trim gone its looking much better…

  2. I always thought cream and orange went well together ….. one of my favorite treats as a child was a “dreamsickle” a vanilla popsicle covered with orange instead of chocolate. The block is really looking ‘good enough to eat’ (my way of saying yummy!!!).

  3. Hey Catherine, so pleased that orange braid was taken off. I think most of the girls, including me are not ‘keen’ on orange, not that orange and cream don’t go together…. you have done a gorgeous job on this block. Your Melanie rose is fantastic!!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    Not sure which part of your block I like best – the orange floral spray at the top or the mauve stitching with sequins at the bottom. It’s really lovely. Glad you got rid of the orange bit – that was meant for unpicking to use as a sewing thread (bit smile)….
    Hugs from Viv

  5. The first block I thought showed promise and as I scrolled down to the next lot of embroidery, I was rapt at how you have made the orange flowers come alive and look so beautiful. Well done! (I may have to pinch it.) Your Melanie rose is great. I would be very happy if I owned this block, the colours are lovely together and the touch of purple/mauve is complimentary.

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