Machine Embroidered Postcard

While at the Easter Gather Maria showed me some of her fabulous machine embroidery and I was quite inspired and intriged at what you could acheive with a sewing machine. You can see some of Maria’s magnificant work on her blog Silk Paradise. Maria is a wonderful and lovely lady, full of fun and good humor and share’s her knowledge so willingly.

While I have a close and personal relationship with my sewing machine – “embroidery” and “machine” are not two words that I have put together before so I decided it was high time that I did.

I had printed out several photos that I had taken of the scenery around Sandie’s house and during our drive up into the hills over looking the bay. Beautiful, magnificant, awe inspiring are words that fall far short of describing the views that day – and the veiws would no doubt be even better today – now much needed rain is falling in her part of the world.

This is – after much deliberation – is the photo I decided to use as my first time experiment with machine embroidery. Fairly simple lines, not lots of detail and clear definition of what ends where….
Looking Toward the Bay at Port Pirie

This is the postcard. My printing process does not seem to allow for tremendously clear prints at times – however in this instance I don’t think it matters too much.
The postcard

I opted for the less is more approach working on the theory if I got too cocky and added too much I would stuff up. There are still a couple of things I could “tweak” a bit more – but on the whole I’m happy with it.

The photo is just printed onto cotton homespun – my all time favorite fabric. There is polyester batting behind the photo to give definition and I used what ever sewing machine threads I had. The border is made using two fancy wools and is just zig zaged on – it’s one of the things I would like to tweak a bit more. The post card ws constructed using my method of making postcards – see my tutorial on the side bar if you are interested.


8 thoughts on “Machine Embroidered Postcard

  1. Catherine, this is great, looks fantastic! Did you print the picture onto fabric first and them machine embroider?

  2. ne
    this is beautiful darling- I love the way you have captured the postcard !
    this is so beautiful well done darling
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

  3. Printed fabric first Sandie (using your techinique…grin) then machine embroidered….easy when you are prepared to fiddle…

  4. Congratulations, Catherine, on a wonderful first effort at machine embroidery. It’s a craft that I’ve been going to try for many years and still haven’t gotten around to it.

    I have seen some magnificent machine embroidered pictures at the Wangaratta Craft Show. One piece of work that had me spellbound was of the Flinders Ranges. I forget the name of the lady who did this wonderful work but I’ll try and find out as I’m sure you would enjoy seeing her work.

    I hope you continue to enjoy this new craft.

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