My Weekend

What a busy weekend we had – although the photos may not prove that….grin.

Saturday Ashley and James went to a car race at Mellool – about 20 mins from home and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was the first time Dad and son had toddled off together to this kind of event and even though they were home in just a few hours, had a wonderful time. Both comparing notes around the dinner table that evening….grin.

I shopped in the morning with the girls – Elise needed new slacks for school and other bits and peices for homework and home while Nicola just came along for the walk and to choose a DVD to watch. By that afternoon the yucky tummy I had been experiencing decided to make itself felt by horrible pains and I retreated to bed for a nanny nap.

Apparently the dogs decided that it would be nice to cuddle up with Mum for a snooze as well….I just didn’t know anything about it until Ashley showed me this photo later……
Two Dog warmth
at least we were all comfortable. Ohh and my tummy felt heaps better when I got up.

Sunday morning Ashley and I picked up 20 bales of pea straw so I can get stuck into weeding and mulching the garden now the weather has turned cool. That afternoon his building mate turned up to begin ripping down the laundry/dining room wall to put in a huge cupboard for me.

Have a guess how much plaster dust is now through my house – you can even see it on the camera lens.

It has been on the list of things to do ever since we built, but money and time have been against us. Now is both the right time and works to our and the builders advantage as Ashley is going to do some electrical work in exchange.


It’s difficult to see the difference but this wall is 600 mm further into the dining room than the old one. Don’t mind the mess in the laundry – everything just got piled in there until the job is finished – then I’m having a major clean up.


2 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. umm, ok, that laundry room is not a mess!
    I’ll show you how to make a mess :p
    it’s one of my better talents.

    Oh, and cute dogs 🙂

  2. hehehe, love the photo of you in bed, but I have an even better one of you! LOL I ain’t showing though, as I know you have plenty of ammunition photos of me……
    The laundry looks great, will be so nice having all that cupboard space Catherine and for the kids to play hide and seek! Hugs

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