My New Bag

I have been having trouble settling down to do just one thing ever since we came home from holidays – so at last I decided to fiddle with this bag and finaly finished it last night.

It is huge – and I do mean huge, but will be fabulous to store stuff in and fantastic for lessons – if I ever go to any….grin.

4 patch square Bag Side 1
This pocket is sewn down the middle seam to create two smaller pockets.

4 patch square Bag Side 2
This is one large pocket.

4 patch square Bag Side 3
This pocket is sewn down as well to create two pockets.

4 patch square Bag Side 4
One pocket – again.

Every peice is quilted – the bag sides, pockets and even the base. The handles have cord in them from the flour bags I get and the handle is simply gathered onto the cord.

All the fabric – bar two small peices – came from the chicken scratch we had at Sandies at Easter time. They all went together beautifully and I’m so pleased with it.

Ohh bag dimenions are….. each side panel (pocket and side together) are 10.5 x 12.5 inches. The base (not shown) is 10.5 x 10.5 inches.


4 thoughts on “My New Bag

  1. The bag is great Catherine, imagine how much ‘stash’ you could fit in there and drag around with you? The colours are gorgeous – you is such a clever chook!

  2. oh Rowdy
    this bag is beautiful!! I love the colours and just think next chicken scratch you will get more into your bag then Maureen will into her extraordinarily HUGE bra!!
    love it and its truly beautiful
    love n hug bear xoxoxoxo

  3. Catherine, I love your bag. It is beautiful. If you think that is big you should see the one I made ….. it holds my 20″ quilting hoop ta! da!

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