To Wash or Not to Wash…..

……now that is the question. Well actually I didn’t have a lot of choice….sigh. I’m beginning to see the end of the pile of washing that has decorated my laundry floor ever since we came home – but I confess at times I wondered if I would ever get to this stage.

Everything was, and in some cases still is, covered in a very fine red dust which meant it all had to be washed. Sleeping bags, blankets, clothes, towels – everything. To add to the washing pile we set off those “bomb” thingies which kill insects – having been over run with creepy crawlies lately – and I can’t stand the thought of using quilts etc that the vapour would have touched – so wallhangings, quilts on couches, doileys and so on have also been washed. Paying for the new sim card for Elise’s phone was one way of making sure she wiped down cabinets, washed their contents and rearranged everything without too many arguments….wicked grin. I even found time to arrange some Easter daisy in a vase with some purple sage and it looks quite pretty.

Tomorrow should see the end of the washing – the major stuff anyway – then I need to tackle the ironing. I did manage to get my sewing room sorted out and everything put away. I invested in a lot (and I do mean a lot) of containers for my beads and I had no idea just how many beads I had….a bit scary really when you look at it. There is still a washing basket full of fabric that needs ironing from the Easter weekend, plus another basket in the laundry full of fabric (Elise’s this time) that still needs to be washed. Most of the fabrics, wool, ribbons, lace etc have been allocated homes and I’m itching to start stitching, but can’t until I get a bag made and posted and another couple of small projects done – then I’m all set.

Monday should see the end of the housework – floors vacummed and washed, bathrooms scrubbed and some baking done and with luck I can relax and enjoy myself for the rest of the week – well a girl can plan…grin.


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