Home Again

We arrived home after an eight, or was it nine hour drive, from Port Pirie. What a wonderful week and a bit we had. Lots of new places to visit and wonderful new friends.

I couldn’t stop laughing for the entire weekend and have learnt so much. All the ladies were very patient teaching me new things – including how to cover a van with toilet paper……wicked grin…..photos soon and a full explanation then I promise.

I have come home to mountains of washing – Port Pirie is known for it’s fine red dust and frequent winds – at the rate I’m finding dirt in each and every corner as I’m unpacking I will be able to post home a sand pit full of the stuff to Sandie. I have the most wonderful fabrics and laces – not to mention the beautiful Gather blocks that were made for me.

Truly it was a fantastic weekend which the entire family enjoyed and are still talking about – nothing like laughing while you’re doing housework…grin.

Photos and more details soon when my head isn’t thumping with a headache and my eyes aren’t hanging out of my head. I hope your Easter was a good one.


3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Catherine deary …. lol .. it’s not Port Pirie, it’s Telowie where you stayed …..! Gotta get it right woman .. I will educate you .. just like I did with the toilet paper and van wrapping! LMAO

  2. P.S … Remember I have ‘that’ photo as bribery …. so don’t go sticking any horrid ones of me up, or …… look out. ROTFLMAO I must remember to put that up as a screen saver … will keep me laughing for years! LOL

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