We’re Packed

Yes, finally, after what seems like months of planning, weeks of organsing and days of packing we are finally packed and off on our hoilday to Port Pirie to meet with the other ladies of the online crazy quilting group I am a member off. Everyone will be at Sandie’s by Thursday and we will get to spend Easter together – getting to know each other and each others families.

I’m so excited and nervous too as apart from chatting to Sandie and Maureen by phone I haven’t “spoken” to any of the others apart from emails. The children can’t wait and James wants to know why we can’t leave today instead of tomorrow as planned. Once Ashley has everything sorted to his satisfaction he will be able to relax more and I think he is planning some quiet time sitting on the beach or under a gum tree relaxing – possible while enjoying a beer or two.

My sewing stuff is packed – in a metal toolbox would you beleive. It was the only way I was going to allow it to be packed onto the roof rack of the car – there is no where else for it to go. The box even has a padlock on it. Foolishly I mentioned my worry that someone might steal the box – had visions of trying to replace threads, scissors, needles etc when I got to Pirie – to the Driver – shall we just say I got a look that said I should be going straight to the funny farm – not to a Gather. The hand dyed fabric though, is safely under the canvas on top of the camper trailer where I know it is safe and the gather blocks are in my suitcase – where I know they are doubly safe and not likely to be forgotton in tomorrow mornings rush.

We will be away for at least 10 days – hopefully a bit longer by the time we wander home. It is a six hour drive (just the driving part) to Burra where we are stopping for a couple of nights and then another hour and a half to Sandies. It’s just too big a drive to do in one day with the kids and apparently Burra is well worth a look around.

I will catch up with blogs and emails when I get home. Have a lovely Easter and stay safe.


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