After The Rain

Well I must admit to feeling better this morning – not totally in the land of the living, but a hell of a lot better than last night thank goodness. Thank you for the get well thoughts – they are apprciated. I don’t know how much rain we ended up receiving but everything looks so lovely and fresh and if I was energetic enough to pull out weeds I’m sure it would be a pleasure. As it was it was all I could do to dump those weeds I have pulled into the rubbish pile.

Mum and I went on the “Cemetry Run” this morning. Every few months we visit the graves of our dearly departed ie Grandparents, uncles, cousins etc and put fresh artifical flowers on their graves. It’s a bit of a bonding time for Mum and I and we get to enjoy each others company and chat about those who have gone before us, but who are never far from our thoughts. Ohh and it’s never morbid as our memories are happy ones. Either way it was a lovely day to enjoy a drive and a cuppa – the breeze is fresh and cool and very clean, the sun shining gently and all was well with the world.

I came home to washing and I really must do some baking ready for next week and our holiday. No more thought has been given to the packing but I didn’t realise what a relief it was to have finished those gather blocks. There is a definately load off my shoulders. The weeds are now disposed off – I have fortified myself with another cup of tea and into the kitchen I must go…..well maybe after a nice lie down and read of my very good book.

I hope your day is a good one.


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