Getting Organised

My goodness the week has gone by fast yet again. I was playing catch up after having James home last week with an ear infection – by Friday Nicola had the same infection and we spent well over an hour sitting in the Doctors waiting room – sort of patiently waiting to see the Doctor. She is on the mend now thank goodness and hopefully I will have all of next week child free (at least during school hours) so I can get totally organised for Easter and our holiday.

I have been gradually buying food to take each time I do the grocery shopping but to be honest I really have no idea what is there. So far the camping stuff is in the dining room, the kitchen and even on top of the drinks fridge. Next weekend it will all be packed as we are leaving bright and early Monday – well that’s the plan anyway.

Ashley was told to keep the kids out of my hair today as I just had to get my sewing stuff organised. I still have half a block to finish before Easter and I am determined not to be doing it in the car as we travel. Today I have the sewing essentials – pins, needles, scissors, thimbles etc packed. A naked CQ cushion which I hope to begin work on – threads, lace and beads all included in it’s bag. The supplies for the lessons we are going to be having – including my tatting shuttle and lots of thread as I really don’t know what the best sort of thread to use is. Beads threads and naked cream on cream blocks packed. Some other sewing – not crazy quilt related because you never know when I might need a change. Some clothes that are to be cut up and shared among everyone – actually I think that might be a first in first served type of situation and the rest of the gather blocks are sitting on my sewing table ready to be sorted and wrapped all ready for Easter. Reading that list I can’t think why it took me most of the afternoon to gether together – there isn’t that much stuff there….maybe it was all the hunting I had to do in the sewing room mess that took the time.

This morning I also finished peicing the braid quilt I was working on – well the machine was threaded with green cotton so I thought I should finish it before beginning anything else.

I must not forget to peice two more naked blocks for the girls to sew on at Easter either. Nicola was very keen to have a block she could try her embroidery stitches out on, Elise not so sure, until she found out that Nicola was keen. The same old story…grin.

This afternoon the kids were kept busy riding the motor bike which had been at my BIL’s for the past year. It is the bike Ashley used when he was their age – and if you don’t count the smoke that comes out from it – it’s in fine working condition. As it is only small James finds it easy to ride as do the girls. A really good motor bike helmet is on the shopping list though – as their confidence grew – so did the speed – even though it wasn’t that fast – it was still enough to scare me…..and yes for those wondering they did have bike helmets on.

Ashley has been working on the car and nearly everything is done ready for the trip and the dogs spent the afternoon either barking at the motor bike or sleeping on the bed – so I was left in peace for quite a few hours. If only it would work that way every weekend.

I hope your weekend is a good one and you are getting the promised rain if you need it. Despite a promising looking sky last night – not a drop fell – only a drop in tempreture and quite strong winds – which had the effect of blowing quite a few clothes off the line despite my best efforts at pegging them on securely.

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