I am one of those people that when I have something important to do – generally to a deadline – I can very easily find a dozen other things that are far more interesting to do, but no so important.

In between gathering up bits and peices for Easter and the Gather at Port Pirie I have been working on quilts. The other night I had a bit of a hunt to find out just how many UFO Quilts there are hiding in my cupboard. Imagine my surprise to discover only six and one of those was the quilt my mother made and asked me to quilt I think about two years ago. Yes I know it should have been top of my list but it sort of snuck down the list when I wasn’t looking.

Yesterday I got stuck in and quilted my Butterchurn quilt and I have to say, if you ignore the bits that puckered, it came up quite well. I have decided that where it did pucker was in the blocks where the fabrics were either very soft flowing types or very loosely woven. Remember I was using up what fabrics were in the cupboard and under the gammill. Either way it is now done and today the binding was sewn on.

After the success with Butterchurn and the fact it was only just lunchtime I decided to quilt Mum’s quilt. It came up better than the Butterchurn and I admit to having fun just playing with the quilting – mainly doing stipple stitch but highlighting different areas of the quilt. Today the binding was also sewn on. Quilt number two for today done.

Finally I found a small quilt – sort of a very bright babies quilt – that I had made a few years ago and never finished. The daughter of my mother’s friend (yes it is very confusing even to me) is expecting her first baby in just four days so I thought this the perfect gift. It only needed the borders sewn on and quilting and binding – all done today – and it is finished. Mum very kindly volunteered to hand sew down the bindings on all the quilts for me so I could progress on to more important things – although I have yet to discover what is more important. Needless to say I was very quick to take her up on her offer.

I have a braid quilt that is slightly over half way made and the fabrics pulled out to make another quilt in my hand dyed fabrics this time. There is still half a block to be finished for the Gather and I am still trying to sort out what to take. No more dyeing has taken place but the new dyes I ordered the other day arrived and I’m tempted but staying strong. Might have to dye some more silk ribbon before Easter though – maybe that will help the dyeing cravings.


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