Cucumbers Anyone??

I found this recipe for a friend tonight who has rather an over abundance of cucumbers in her garden, lucky thing my poor plant turned up it’s toes months ago. I thought it, the recipe that is, too good not to share with you all.

This was a relish I made several years ago when I was lucky enough to have plenty of cucumbers in my garden. I’m not a relish person, but another friend is and she loved it. Particularly with dry biscuits and cheese.

Cucumber Relish
1 pound apples
1 pound onions
1 1/2 pound cucumber
1/2 pound sugar
1 pint vinegar
2 ounces salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper.
Peel, core and cut up apples and cook in vinegar until soft. Allow to cool, then add other ingredients, onions and cucumber to be cut very small. Mix all together and put into steralised jars. Leave a month before using.

From memory and knowing how lazy I can be, I just grated the apples, cucumber and onions (not a really fine grate, more a medium or even thicker one), put the whole lot in with the vinegar and spices and cooked it for just a few minutes then bottled it while hot. Either way you want to do it, these old recipes really can’t be stuffed up. This one comes from one of Grandma’s cookbooks and is older than I am.


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