Busy, busy, busy

My goodness the week has flown by and I’m not all that sure I have a lot to show for it…..well apart from heaps more dyed fabric that is.

I have had a couple of days down the street – and I do mean days – one with Mum as she had to get her eyes tested which meant she couldn’t drive. As the gentleman who was testing her was running late, all the jobs we hadn’t done in the morning, then had to be done that afternoon. Why when you make an appointment can’t people be on time I wonder? The other with catching up on bits and peices I had to do while I had access to Mum’s car. It hasn’t helped that my car is still out of action – although Ashley assures me that the engine should be back in it this weekend and I, hopefully, will get it back on Monday. After all this time it had all better be running properly.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to walk into a new hairdressers in town and got an appointment straight away. To me having a hair cut is like buying a bra (remember all the dramas I had there…groan). I seem to no sooner find a good hairdresser than she moves or gives up the industry. I like to relax when I get my hair cut – feel comfortable, maybe have a pleasant chat about nothing terribly significant and come out feeling like I look considerably better than I did when I walked in there. Well I might be on a winner. This girl was young – but for once didn’t have that bleached blonde hair with the underneath bits other strange colours which seems to be the trend in town at the moment. The whole experience was sooooo relaxing. She asked what I wanted done – and listened!!! Cut it the way I wanted, with one or two modifications that she asked about first before she did anything and I must admit I nearly went to sleep in the chair it was so nice. I will definately be going back there again.

So now I am nicely tidy in the hair department and nicely coloured too I might add (this mornings task was to try not to decorate my bathroom with hairdye) – no grey hair for me at Easter for the Gather – I am feeling rather good about myself. After all I might be getting older, but I’m not going down without a fight….grin.

I have been working – albeit very slowly – on the gather blocks and progress is being made. I have also started to gether up all I need for Easter. I told Elise all she got was a shoe box to pack her clothes, toiletries, books etc as there would be no other room for anything else. Needless to say the look I got was not a good one…grin.

The garden is still looking very neglected but I am slowly weeding and pruning. Dyeing has taken up much of my time but once this lot of fabric is rinsed and washed then I can devote more time to other matters. I was hopeing to get a large section weeded before Easter – but somehow think I might be aiming a little high.

For the past nine weeks I have had an incredibly sore heel – to the point I made an appointment with a podiatrist – which has also limited me on what I can do. Tt took five weeks before I got to see the podiatrist – a delightful man who assured me that I was quite normal……well ok so the family would debate that….and my feet are in very good condition. Not sure if that’s a compliment or not but I’ll take it as such. I have strained or torn (at some stage) a fibrous bank of tissue that runs from my toes to my heel. When this is damaged it becomes inflammed and any tear is covered in scar tissue which is less flexible and causes more pain – “Plantar Fasciitis” is the medical term. The end result is I have to have orthodic’s in my shoes (at least a week before they arrive) and I have to wear them until my foot is heeled. I could just wear sneakers or closed in shoes but it would take months to heal – by having orthodics (at $100 for the pair) I should be pain free in just a few weeks. Guess which option I chose…grin. As it stands I have to wear shoes constantly – which I hate – sneakers or at least closed in shoes. Even to get up to the loo at night I must put on shoes. Apparently 10 mins standing doing dishes without shoes can undo 8 hours of wearing shoes. All in all I am heartily sick of being in pain, of wearing shoes and of hobbling around trying to favour my sore foot as much as possible.

Ok off to rest my foot – again!!! – and to do some more sewing. I hope your weekend is a good one.


One thought on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Well you certainly had a lot of things going this week…and i hope that your weekend is a relaxing one…and well since Easter is also coming you can also check out my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and enjoy all the spirit of Easter it’s filled up with!!!

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