Fast Post – It’s RAINING!!!!!! Yes that wet stuff that falls from the sky is actually falling.

So I’m off to make a cake, biscuits, scones – which I was going to do anyway, but now I feel added incentive in that’s it has suddenly turned very cool – maybe no need for air conditioning today.

I finished another gather block last night and started the next one. I have a couple of small presents to make for friends who need a “pick me up” and I found an unwanted cheneele (sorry can’t spell) bedspread in the linen press which will do very nicely as the “batting” for my butterchurn quilt which I am determined to have pinned on the gammill today. Yes I do use anything as batting….grin.

Ok off to bake, sew and pin. Hope everyones day is a good one and the rain is widespread and lasts.


One thought on “Rain

  1. Hi Catherine,
    Just popping in to catch up.
    I see you have really been bitten by the dyeing bug! Isn’t it great to get so excited about a new area of your craft? I don’t dye my own fabric, but I know that, like you, a lot people just love to do it.

    I am glad to hear the color does not bleed.

    I love your stash wacker quilt. It looks like you must have used up a ton of stash!

    Boy, you sure can get a quilt done in a hurry if you machine quilt it! I am getting closer and closer to having my sister (who has a Little Gracie – I think it’s called) machine quilt one of mine.

    Have a great night– I guess you are probably sleeping now (with the time difference).

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