The Office

Always a scary place our office – there is a lot of work done in there, but there is also a lot of “stuff” just dumped in there as well for want of a better place to put it.

Two weekends ago (yeah I know I’m late with these photos) we renovated what we call the Home Office. We had decided when we started up the business that we would keep the two seperate so there was no cofusion between them. Trouble was both offices shared a printer/fax machine and there were files everywhere – so now Work and Home are in one room – small as it is.

Part of the office
Prior to renovating

The two offices - Work and Home
The two offices, as you can see they are side by side….grin.

James and the Office
James and a partially renovated office – both are a work in progress…..wicked grin.

Renovated Office
Finished – now just to clean up and put away all the bits and peices – which I might add I’m still doing two weeks later….groan. Ohh note the dyed fabric sitting on the bench – see even my dyeing sneaks in here…grin.


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