Stash Whacker

On the off chance you are thinking that dyeing has taken over my life – well you wouldn’t be far wrong if you did think that lately…grin – I am pleased to post photos of James’s Stash Whacker Quilt.

Right after I have posted this photo of my laundry being taken over by more dyeing……wicked grin….
More Dyeing

Remember Stash Whacker started off it’s life as being called Weed Whacker which I found on this site. However it has made such a huge dent in my stash I decided it needed and richly deserved a change of name.

Stash Whacker
I know it doesn’t look very big here laid out on the floor, but it covers a single bed very nicely and keeps a small boy extremely warm – which was a bit silly last night considering the tempretures we have been having….groan.

Stash Whacker - Close Up
A close up – remember this is made out of any and all fabrics so some of the corners etc don’t quite meet etc.

Stash Whacker - The back
The back which was made up of 10 1/2 inch x 10 1/2 inch squares. Anthing that I couldn’t get a full square out off I cut a 10 1/2 x 5 /12 in square and just sewed two together to make a full square. It was a fantstic way of using up bits and peices.

Note the red binding. James decided he wanted red but didn’t mind if it was all different sorts of fabrics and colours of red. I hadn’t made a binding like this before, but really life the effect and will defiantely try it again.

This quilt has had twelve paws of aproval too. Jess (cat) slept on it while it was pinned to the gammill for quilting and again when it was folded and sitting in the sewing room betwen sewing sessions on the binding. Ajax (small hairy dog) slept on it while I was sewing on the binding by hand and got very grumpy when I made him move a bit so I could sew down the next bit. Milly (large red heeler) decided it made a perfect spot for a quick lie down when I had it spread on the floor to show James it was finished. Needless to say it has been washed before going onto James bed.


3 thoughts on “Stash Whacker

  1. THe quilt looks wonderful. I love scrap quilts best. Dyeing has a tendency to take over one’s life. I have been trying, successfully, to infect a few other people.

  2. I love everything about this quilt … Sure wish I knew how to quilt, LOL. Thanks for sharing; it’s gorgeous!

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