More Dyeing

Well today being super hot and windy and me not having anything else even the remotest bit interesting to do I decided to do some more dyeing.

Dyed Fabric

No this photo isn’t from today – I wish – it is from the last batch of dyeing I did. Isn’t it just the best photo – or maybe that’s because I’m biased…..roflol.

Todays effort was lots of browns and neutrals and some experiments thrown in. I decided I would only dye 24 fat quaters but that blew out to about 36 by the time I had finished playing.

Soaking in Dye

This is in my laundry – again a photo from the other day. I have a huge laundry bench down one wall and this shows about 1/5 of it. Beside it is a double bowl laundry sink. I originally insisted on it as I was washing nappies (yes some of us did that…grin) and was constantly soaking them and still wanted room to wash my hands or do other jobs. Now I’m so thankful that I have this double sink as it is ideal for dyeing. Right next to the sink is the washing machine which is just the right height for sitting ice cream containers full of water to rinse the fabrics in.

All I need now is some more bench space – yes I do fill that huge bench with dyes very easily…grin…and some more cupboard space for storeing all my bits and peices that are dyeing related. Can you tell it’s taking over my life….grin.

The Ticker clock (which I couldn’t resist putting on my blog) shows just how short a time there is until we leave to go to Port Pirie in South Australia for the Crazy Quilting Gather that Sandie at Abeautifulcraft is hosting. I can’t wait to go and meet everyone and see another part of our beautiful country. Ashley and I have never been that far into South Australia before so I’m sure we are going to enjoy it. This gather is what I was making all those gather blocks for – to give to each lady who is going. We are all making a block for each person. Such a big job – there ended up being about 13 I had to make – unless I have miscounted…grin. Either way there is still four more to make and embellish so I had better get busy.

I hope your weekend is a good one. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday my BIL will bring over the twin tub washing machine he has rescued from his shed for me and even if it doesn’t arrive I will be busy rinsing and washing fabrics and catching up on some other jobs plus starting to sort out what I need to take to South Aust. for show and tell.

2 thoughts on “More Dyeing

  1. I am impressed with your dyeing. I have been dyeing fabrics in a small way for a few months but now I feel I need at least a bolt of fabric. It is indeed addictive.

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