Executive Decisions

I finished quilting the Weed Whacker quilt yesterday. For the first time I tried doing a pantograph quilting pattern on it. For those who are wondering what a pantograph is – it’s bascially a continuous quilting pattern that goes from one edge of the quilt to the other. Not something I have been game to tackle before but thought yesterday – nothing ventured, nothing gained. In the end I was quite pleased with it. Practice as always will make it better…grin.


James decided the other day he wanted a red binding on this quilt – cause it would make it more a boys quilt….vbg. Today he had to make the decision as to what reds to use in the binding. The above photo shows the final selection. In the end he was limited by the amount of red fabric I had on hand and the fact that if I had to dye some it would be at least a week before he got his quilt – which wasn’t his idea of a quick turn around on the quilt. I am going to cut these fabrics into strips, peice them together randomly and make the binding that way. Hopefully there will be enough fabric there as if I venture into the fabric shop I’m sure to see some fabric I can’t live without – and the idea is I’m using what’s there, not adding to it.

If you look at the bottom of the photo you will see a pink blanket poking out from behind the quilt top. It is one of the woolen blankets off James’s bed which is still good but just developing a few holes around the edges. Waste not, want not and since this is a scrap quilt (including the backing) I thought it a good way to make use of a still very warm blanket. It is really surprising though just how much weight two extra layers of fabric add to the blanket. Even Ashley was surprised when he picked it up. No wonder women used to peice new quilt tops to go over older worn quilts – all those layers must have added incredible warmth. A necessary item in the winter months.


2 thoughts on “Executive Decisions

  1. Very beautiful colours used, and an intricate pattern. Love it 🙂

    Quilts are so warm, the husband and I have two, a relatively light modern one and an older-styled French one which is heavier and much warmer, perfect on a cold night!

  2. My grandma made me a quilt and gave it to me on my wedding day. It is so heavy and thick that I hardly get to use it up here in Queensland.
    It makes you wonder how ‘women’ hand stitched all the quilting into place when they were so heavy.
    Your postcard is just gorgeous Catherine. You continue to delight me with your talents. xox Nicole

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