Ups and Downs

It’s been a day of ups and downs and it’s not even 1.30pm yet.

UP – Because today was the first full day I had at home on my own where I could do what I want for the entire day.

DOWN – I had to go down the street to post and check mail – which Ashley was going to do but ended up too busy.

UP- While down the street I checked out the sales and found three t-shirts, one long sleeve t-shirt to match the clothes I bought yesterday (also at the sales….grin) and tracksuit pants and shorts for Ashley – which he liked.

DOWN – James is so tired he put on a performance at school this morning and didn’t want to stay at all. We had tears and a really upset and exhausted little boy all before 9 am. I left him there in the care of his teacher and as I haven’t had a phone call I am assumming that he settled down and all is ok. Just to be sure I bought all three kids a chocolate frog as a treat for when they get home from school.

UP – the nicest peice of steak and salad for lunch.

DOWN – Ashley came home at lunch time with the radiator on the work truck pumping out water and needing repairs.

UP – He has borrowed his Dad’s ute to finish todays jobs and the radiator is now at the shop where they are ordering a new one which will be here tomorrow morning

UP – Elise just rang to say she did get Dux of Year 7 (remember we hadn’t had it offically confirmed). As a prize she received a gold certificate stating she was Dux, another certificate mentioning her High Distinctions in her subjects, a $100 cheque – made out to her for her to spend she informs me…..vbg, and a gift voucher for $20 at the local book shop. As you can imagine she is really pleased and even more happy that the Principal of the school didn’t make her go up in front of the entire school to receive it but instead handed it to her after assembly.

Up – I have started my Weed Whacker quilt.

UP – I have found time to post photos of my lattice quilt now it is finished. See next post…grin.

So on those happy notes I’m off to make another cuppa. I hope your day was as good as mine.


One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. The ups outweighed the downs, which is always a good thing. Congratulations on Elise’s accomplishment! I bet she’s chuffed. Good luck with the truck repairs – cars are *so* expensive (ugh!).

    Have a good week 🙂

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