Roll On School

If I say it often enough, tomorrow and the first day of school will be here for 2007 maybe a whole lot sooner than the clock shows at the moment.

All I want is to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow just as I arrive at the school gates (hair and makeup done naturally and wearing some flattering clothes….grin) already to drop the Nicola and James off and to go home to………………………………Elise and cleaning up the toy boxes in her room.

Ahhh well the dream lasted for just a few minutes….giggle……still, it’s nearly tea time and then I think an early bed time for them….just so I get some peace and they have a good nights sleep.

Roll on school, roll on School, roll on school, roll on school………………….


One thought on “Roll On School

  1. hehe, I remember the beginnings of term-time and how much I disliked it, but then again school never was my ‘thing’! I love Elise’s heart cushion too, really pretty!

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