Elise’s Cushions

Like Nicola, Elise has also been working very hard on her sewing. She was sewing with the machine set on the slowest speed and seemed to be doing ok. I told her she could speed up if she was confident – was she ever!!! Now she sews on the fastest speed, her seams are 99% accurate and at the moment she is practicing machine quilting on the janome to see how she does.
Elise Quilting

The original idea (her’s I might add) was to machine quilt her cushions on the gammill, but as we were just starting a practice peice we both noticed a burning smell and a bright sparky light in the speed controller of the gammill. Quick phone call to Ashley and that idea has been put on hold at least until he has time to look at it and hopefully fix it. So now she is practicing on my sewing machine which I just hope holds up to all the use it has been having of late. I don’t really need the expense of another sewing machine right now.

Elise's Hear Cushion
This is Elise’s Heart Cushion using many of my hand dyed fabrics. Is it any wonder I need to do more? At the rate the girls are using it there won’t be much left soon. The three hearts in each block are buttonhole stitched after being appliqued with fusiable web to the background. Elise cut all the fabrics herself and choose the colours and did the embroidery herself with is remarkably even for someone who is only new to this sewing “stuff”.

Elise's Diamond Cushion
This is the next cushion she made as there were some 2 1/2 squares left over from the Heart Cushion and neither of us could stand wasteing them. This cushion now has a purple border then a bright green one (not sewn on at the time the photo was taken.) Both of these cushions are to be quilted – either by the gammill or domestic machine.


9 thoughts on “Elise’s Cushions

  1. There you are Catherine!
    Well done girls, very nice.It’s nice to see the younger generation learning to quilt and other crafts..

  2. Wow, Elise is doing a great job! I love those bright colors.

    Your new blog looks good, too. I am partial to white backgrounds. I think it’s easier on the eyes.

  3. You must be so proud of your girls. Isn’t it great when the show an interest in what we do.

    Where is your icon…time for a new one maybe?

  4. Thanks for visiting me. Oh my, your new blog is great. I really like it. Your girls have done a great job. How wonderful to be able to share this craft with them. My DS just doesn’t have the interest. LOL.

  5. No wonder you’re so proud of the girls!
    Fantastic efforts…….I can see that (poor) Ashley will be adding an entire new (sewing) wing to the home to keep his girls happy!

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