I’ve Created a Monster

Well actually I think I have created two of them…grin. Both Elise and Nicola I think I can safely say are seriously hooked on quilting and I’m not sure the sewing room is going to be big enough for the three of us. I did suggest they could sew in their rooms, but the reply was “But Mum, the sewing room is so comfortable and everything is there that we need”. Yes, well I know that!!!

Elise finished putting together the top of her cushion and started another out of the left over blocks. Now she wants to quilt them – on the gammill no less. Ok for her, but scary stuff for me.
While she is waiting for me to pin them to the gammill (and guess how much I am putting off that job) she has started another quilt using “strings” as her fabric. Wondering what strings are – look at this site it will explain it far better than I can and yes this is the quilt she wants to make but I don’t think it will end up as big as this. You will note I said I “don’t think” it will end up this size as anything is possible.

Nicola – in a fit of being bored – decided to start on her next quilt – a nine patch set on point (on the diagonal for those who are wondering) with black trianges between each block. So far four nine patch blocks are finished and there are about 30 to go – but she seems very enthusiased. She has picked the loveliest of colours – very clear pinks, blues, creams, mauves in florals with hand dyed fabric to compliment them.

I sewed until about 11 pm last night (making my poor back suffer dreadfully and my eyes hang out of my head) to get the back of my Butterchurn quilt peiced. I decided I wouldn’t purchase fabric for this quilt at all and the back would be peiced out of 10 1/2 squares of fabric – the same (plus a few extras) that I used in the top. It turned out really well and I promise photos soon.

Today’s plan was to pin Mum’s quilt (one my mother made a couple of years ago and I promised faithfully to quilt it for her – guilty grin) to the gammill, tidy the sewing room and sew a little more on the binding of my lattice quilt. HAH!!!!! As if any of that would happen.

I tidied up the sewing room, hung out washing, changed our bed, cut and ironed strips of fabric for Nicola while she sewed, directed Elise as she started the strings quilt, made endless cups of tea and now I’m playing on the computer. You will note I am starting to add links to my side bar – if your blog isn’t there don’t panic – I’m getting to it…grin….it’s not like I’m trying to ignore you or anything – but I feel this might be a long slow progress.

Roll on Wednesday when Nicola and James go back to school (Elise doesn’t start until Thursday). If I take the wooden spoon in to fight off Elise from my sewing machine I might even begin to start a new project or at least contimplate completing an existing one.


One thought on “I’ve Created a Monster

  1. Hey, Catherine, I LOVE string quilts. They are the best way I know of using up your stash. I’ve also pieced backs especially on my Amish quilts. Two for the “price” of one LOL

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