A New Year

Ok So it’s 2007 and time for a new look blog using the new blogger. For some reason I am unable to swap my old blog over – so I have decided to start afresh.

I don’t think the actual content of my blog will change – too stuck in old ways for that…grin – but hopefully this will be a year of finishing ufo’s, starting new projects, whipping the garden into shape and in general relaxing and enjoying life more and being grateful for all the blessings I have been given. Not to mention the trials, tribulations and successes of the new business.

If you have just discovered me – Welcome. If you’re an old friend – Hello, it’s good to see you again. Pull up a chair and relax. I’m not noted for my short posts – so you may want a cuppa and a pack of chocolate biscuits….roflol.

Before I forget – a link to my old blog is here. Hopefully in time I may be able to post some of my old posts here such as the postcard tutorial – but time will tell.


6 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. hewoo Catherine
    I figgered since noone has sent you a hewoo to your new blog bear would try and do one- Isnt the switch over a fun thing to do gggg I hope that you are able to bring the rest of your blog to the new one as there is such a wealth of terrific ideas and your wonderful tute on fabric postcards
    I love ya heapsa and biggie bear hugs to ya
    Ya Bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Honey, I’m here I’m here (jumping up and down and waving hands in the air) lol. Happy Australia Day to you and all yours. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

  3. Well, Catherine, whether it’s one blog or two it/they will still be informative to read LOL as well as fun to read VBG Gotta keep you on your toes huh!!!!! Wonder if that will happen to me as #1S (my computer advisor) says don’t do anything until blogger tells you too.

  4. Catherine, Thanks for letting us know… I love to read your posts, and I’m sure it’ll all work it’s self out.
    cheers Faye

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