Jeans Bucket

Now you all know how just sometimes (depending on my mood or hormones as the case may be) I can be into some strange art/craft type things. I think it is my inner “me” trying to escape this rigid mould that I try to present to the world – but that’s another story….grin.

Anyway to get back on track – looking at different blogs today I checked out to see what was new. A wonderful blog for all things different and creative I have found. Here I found a link for a Crafty Bucket – made from a pair of jeans and some upholstery fabric.

Well not being one to miss checking it out I did so and have now printed the instructions to have a go – just as soon as Elise gets off my sewing machine and out of my sewing room that is….grin.

You will find the instructions here. It is worth a look just to see how it is done -and no it isn’t hard at all. I am seriously in the “use what I have” mode and so far it is working – well if you don’t count the fabric I bought for the next batch of dyeing that is. It is quite amazing just how much “stuff” is in my sewing room when I really start hunting…..grin.

Actually on a side track again – yesterday I watched (on Pay TV) a program on shopping. It bascially said that women are gatherers. We like to gather stuff for “rainy days” – hah – well I have certainly done that….lol. Men are hunters – they find something, buy it, then retreat to their home/lair to enjoy the spoils. Sort of summed up our household very easily.

So on that weird thought I’m off to find some jeans and some even more jazzy fabric and play with my bucket…..have a lovely day.

Five minutes later……..
Ok so slight alteration to to the plans Mum is coming down to help me bottle more fruit – so maybe after that I can play….I can only hope….lol.


2 thoughts on “Jeans Bucket

  1. Those jean buckets are a fabulous idea ~ I’m all for reusing wherever possible (just have to get my husband out of the jeans first!)

  2. For those who are wondering I have started a new blog ….
    – a new start to a new year. I will be blogging there from now on.

    Blogger won’t let me, at this stage access this blog through the dashboard to leave a post with a link – – but hopefully I will be able to soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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