Fruit, cleaning and quilting

It’s fruit picking season at Calidore’s house. With the rain and then the extremely hot humid weather we have been having – the peaches and plums decided it was time to ripen – overnight it seems. There were also plenty of tomatoes ready to pick as well and some were starting to split with the heat and damp so guess what this little household did yesterday.

Thank heavens it was cool and cloudy because it took the best part of the morning to pick several buckets of peaches, a couple of buckets of plums and two boxes (smallish ones) of tomatoes – by then we were running out of containers to put them all in. Needless to say we trouped up the house afterwards covered in mud from the orchard and itching like mad from all the weeds that are multiplying in the orchard.

Being a trifle lazy (and having other things far more interesting to do – such as laze around watching TV) I thought I would leave the fruit until today to do. Not so according to my husband who then proceeded to wash and sort tomatoes so I could start making sauce – at 12 noon. Not exactly the kind of operation I begin in the middle of the day which also necessitated a trip down the street to grab some spices I had run out of and needed for the sauce. Fortunately the shopping trip also included two family blocks of chocolate to keep me going….lol.

Anyway at the end of the day the sauce was made (which turned out rather well after all that), only half a block of chocolate was eaten and I did get to laze on the couch watching the British Actor Sean Bean play Sharpe in the series of the same name – absolute bliss as honestly Sean Bean rates up there with Sean Connery when it comes to sex appeal and that gorgeous accent – yeah ok so I’m desperate….grin.

Ashley cooked tea – fish and chips – so Igot to relax a little more which was nice.

Today was plum jam day which was interupted part way through by Ajax and Milly having a fight – the end result being Ajax with a bitten paw which was bleeding and Milly with a bitten nose which was also bleeding. Then I discovered on Cleo (my 15 year old dog) the beginnings of some excema as she is scratching due to the heat and humidity. Arrrrrrr Honestly I’m not sure which is worse – the kids or the dogs.

Speaking of children – they have been exceptionally good this holidays and I must admit it has been a pleasure to have them home. Elise helped me clean the house on Saturday (it was raining and nothing else was on offer that was time filling or even the remotest bit exciting…grin). Cobwebs were vacummed, shelves emptied and dusted, lounge room rearranged, our bedroom rearranged and then both girls started on their rooms and rearranged and dusted them. Even James got in the swing of it all and sorted out toys. You would think it was spring….grin. It is nice to have a lovely tidy home again I must admit – but I am looking forward to them returning to school so I can do things in my time – not theirs!

My Butterchurn quilt is progressing slowly. It has been hard to get to the sewing machine as either Elise or Nicola seem to be using it lately. Either that or their next project is spread all over the sewing room. It is nice to see both of them working at the sewing side ofthings though – all too often I get the excuse “it’s too hard” or “too boring”. I think they may have discovered the joy that can be found in creating simple things. I have sewn down the binding on one side of the Lattice quilt. It has been essential not to remind myself that there are actually 12 metres of binding to be hand sewn down – if I think of that I might not finish it.

I hope your weekend was a good one and there was rain falling where it was needed.


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