It’s My Birthday

It’s my Birthday today – I’m a whole 39 years old/young – depending on which side of forty you are I guess….lol.

Thank you Alice for the lovely photo of the rain clouds you sent me and the birthday wishes. It worked – we had 25 mm of rain yesterday and more last night. Everything looks so lovely and green and fresh (unfortuately so do the weeds…grin) but the humidity and heat are awful. I certainly couldn’t live in this climate all the time. Anyway as birthday presents go – the rain was a really good one….lol.

Ashley gave me some green glazed terracotta pots as a birthday/wedding anniversary (which was last week) present. They are simply stunning and only smallish. Elise gave me some plain terracotta pots in different sizes (again smaller ones) and Nicola the cutest frog holding a pot. I want these pots to go in a small area between the front entrance path and the box hedge that is beside it. There is a garden bed about a metre long by 1/2 a metre wide where nothing much grows. I’m going to cluster the pots there and plant succulents in them. Other succulents I have in bigger pots in the same area are doing very well – so I’m sticking with a good thing.

James gave me a lovely glass angel which I shall have to find somewhere special so I can see it every day. Mum gave me a gravy boat in white to match my good dinner set – for some reason I never had a gravy boat I have no idea why as I have most other things you need to set a table. She also gave me a lovely coffee canister to match the tea canister she gave me some months ago. My sister gave me some money – always a good choice…grin.

My present to me was picking up the white homespun I had ordered (and didn’t expect for another couple of weeks) so I can do some more playing with dyes.

Lunch was just at home – but Elise and I treated ourselves to morning tea down the street while we tackled the shopping, getting the mail and buying the last few things she needed for school such as a school jumper (a silly buy in such hot weather but it won’t be long as she will need it), school shoes and some text books made it an expensive morning.

Mum cooked tea and we ate at her place which was nice as I didn’t even have to do the dishes…grin.

So all in all it was a very pleasant day. Ohh and I nearly forgot I finished quilting my trellis quilt for our bed last night. Another birthday present for me. I only have the binding to sew on (which should happen this weekend) and I can use it.

I hope your day was as good as mine.

5 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Calidore, happy birthday to you!

    It sounds like the loveliest of days, I’m glad you’ve had a great one 🙂

  2. Oh Catherine, Happy Birthday. It sounds like your day was fabulous. I’m so very happy for you. When are we going to see some more of your lovely talents? I love seeing the photos of your work. Happy Anniversary as well. I hope you and Ashley have many more years of happiness together. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

  3. Oh Dear – late as usual – but happy, happy, happy birthday.

    May your garden be filled with flowers and your tomatoes always ripe!

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