Quilting and Gardening

I have been incredibly busin in the sewing room the past few days. You may have noticed the lack of posts….grin.

My Butterchurn blocks are complete – and look really good considering they are made out of scraps from all the dress making fabrics that have been hiding under the gammilll for years. I just have to cut the sashing strips to go between them and sew it all together. Then the border needs to be decided on, sewn on and then the whole thing quilted. I promise a photo will be posted when I’m a little further along.

Nicola spent most of yesterday morning sewing 2 inch strips together in chevron pattern to make a small table topper for her dressing table. She picked the prettiest pinks and blues and it is just stunning. She just has to sew on some borders and decide if it is to be quilted or not. I have taken photos of the progress she has made and will post them soon as well.

I mananged – finally – to get the lattice quilt I have been making – for what seems forever – for our bed onto the gammill. The bobbins are full, the machine threaded and the quilt pinned down all ready to start quilting. Now I just have to get up the nerve to start….grin/groan. Which is really silly after all this can’tbe any harder and certainly not a lot bigger than that quilt of Elise’s I quilted. Just a bit nervous I will stuff it up.

Thank you all also for the lovely comments on my fabrics I dyed. I enjoyed the process so much that I have ordered another 30 metres of fabric from the local fabric store. Unfortunately it will be about three weeks before it gets here – but by then the kids will be back at school and I will be able to play away to my hearts content. I am seriously wondering just whether the fabrics would sell on ebay. Any opinions? I know the photos weren’t much to go on, but I showed the fabric to friends who called in yesterday and they were really stunned by just how pretty they were. These are good friends who tell me honestly what they think – and they were impressed. Nothing like a bit of swelling to the ego….roflol.

Ashely is still busy with work – this running of the business isn’t as hard as Ithought it might be. We sit down each night and do the invoices for the day and they are then posted out the next morning. It is gratifiying to pick up the mail and find payment for the work we have done. A good sign surely? Now just to make our millions…roflmol.

We have also been busy in the vegie patch this morning. Both of us have come to the realisation that despite our best intentions we simply do not have enough time to devote to the huge vegie patch we have. Most of the time it is me trying to keep up with the weeding and harvesting and not very successfully at that. The paspallum grass that has seeded everywhere is testment to that.

For a while we seriously considered bulldozing the lot and giving up but this morning Ashley had a “light bulb moment”. We are going to build three small square beds – a sleepers length wide (about 8 feet) and long – and two sleepers high andthat will be our vegie garden. Not the masses of vegies I had always dreamed of. You know the dream – being self suffient in veg for most of the year!!! Not going to happen I’m afraid. Three smaller beds will be far more efficient both in time for weeding and watering than three huge beds (three sleepers long and one wide) full of weeds that the watering system is struggling to water adequately in the extreme weather we have been having. The rest of the vegie garden will be planted with more fruit trees and maybe some vines. I would like to try a kiwi fruit vine for a start off. The chooks will also be allowed to run in this part of the vegie garden to help keep it cleaner.

As for the rest of the garden. Well it’s still there. The weeds are getting higher but I confess to turning a blind eye to them on an almost daily basis. Not exactly the right attitude for a gardening person/blog but I just don’t have time to worry about them. That an the fact I’m am enjoying the quilting (and I confess the airconditioner on extremely hot days) is helping to fuel this “I don’t care” attitude. Autumm will be here before we know it as will the cooler tempretures hopefully my gardening instincts will be roused from their summer hibernation and I will get stuck into some serious tidying up. I would make lists but I think in the end I would scare myself with all I have to do – so I shall work on mental notes and the garden beds that are in the shade first….grin.


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