Elise Arrives Home Today

At last my girl is coming home today. Elise and Mum will arrive in town around 4.30 pm – that is if the bus is on time.

I have missed Elise so much – way more than I thought I would. I have always joked I can’t wait for the kids to leave – then Ashley and I can do all the things we can’t at the moment. Well after this little holiday I am beginning to realise that I’m just not ready for my kids to depart the nest just yet.

I miss Elise’s smile, the way her eyes light up when she thinks or sees something funny. The weird jokes she plays on us all and her creativity. In short I just miss her in total.

I did not miss the fights we have or the arguments which seem inevitable when you have a teenager who is so like her Mum it isn’t funny. Maybe I’m a horrible Mum, but having to go back to those argumentative days again is just tying my tummy in knots. And yes I know there are some of you thinking – well you’re the adult – don’t fight with her. Beleive me I do try not to, but we are both hot tempered and our mouths tend to hit top gear before our brains do….groan.

Still I am staying positive – well trying to – that this month long break will have given us both the breathing space we need to start afresh. I can’t wait to hear all about what she has done and to see the photos she has taken.

I am not looking forward to the mountain of washing I know is travelling in her bags at the moment…..grin. Ahh well at least it is a nice cool windy day so everything will dry quickly.

Right off to finish airing out her room and to dust a bit. Jess the cat will be very glad to have Elise home again. He thinks/knows he owns her and she runs after him, cuddles and generally spoils him rotton. Nicola is an ok substitute and he has tolerated her while Elise was away – but somehow I think the relationship will change dramatically the minute Elise walks in the house…..roflol.

I hope your weekend is a good one.

PS Yes for those who are wondering I did miss Mum too – but I’m also used to her being away for weeks at a time. It is different when it’s your 13 year old who is travelling. What am I going to be like when she is a young adult and decides to travel?


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