Dyeing Fabric

Not sure if I mentioned it, I probably did knowing me…grin, but Ashley gave me some Procion Dyes for Christmas. It was the one creative task I had been longing to try but wasn’t quite game enough to have a play and see what I could come up with.

Sharon Boggins mentioned a fabulous site for dyeing fabric in one of her posts – you can see the post here and me being me just had to have sticky beak. Thank you Sharon for pointing me in this direction – I love looking at the links you share.

Melissa has created the most wonderful tutorial with comprehensive notes and photos and recipes for dyeing – they are truly amazing. You can see it all here at Fabric Dyeing 101 Just click on the links at the side bar and read away. Grap a cuppa while you are at it and read Melissa story of how she set up a Fabric Dyeing Business too – well worth a read. I shut the office door so the kids couldn’t interupt me while I was reading it – fascinating stuff.

So having said all that I thought it high time I should you some of my first attempts at fabric dyeing. Now I have to say that things have come to a stand still as I have run out of fabric to dye (funny about that) and until there is a little more of the spending kind of paper in my purse dyeing will stay at a standstill – however there is my birthday coming up. I wonder if asking for 50 metres of white homespun might be a bit much????

Fabric Dyeing - Rainbow and some of my own creations
This is the first lot of fabric I playing with. Using Melissa’s recipe for Rainbow #1 I created these. There are I might add a few extra peices in there (her recipe create 12 peices of hand dyed fabric) but I had left over dye and couldn’t bare the thought of throwing it out so I experimented and quite liked what I came up with. I might add I also mananged to remember to write down what I had used and the quantities and now have recipes for those colours too….see organised for once….roflol.
Fabric Dyeing - Forest Floor - Light colours
These are from the A6 Forest Floor Light recipe. The flash washed the colours out a bit but in real like they are just stunning. Very soft and gentle shades which I love.

I might add I didn’t try to do any solid colours – all of these are mottled and I must admit I prefer them to a solid colour. The mottling seems to add a “life” to them that solid’s just don’t have.

Of course being school holidays and the fact that James and Ashley spent a week building a model boat in the shed – meant that Nicola and I did some sewing together. Nicola created this cushion from a pattern in one of my magazines. She traced out everything, ironed on the appropriate peices, buttonhole stitched around the hearts, sewed on the borders and (after I had created buttonholes at the back of the cushion cover) sewed to to the front peice. She is really pleased with her cushion as she should be. From a minor hicup of “It’s too hard Mum!” Nicola settled down and worked really hard and did a wonderful job. She couldn’t resist using some of the hand dyed fabrics in her work.
Nicolas cushion she made all by herself

I, on the other hand, decided I needed another bag (yeah right) and couldn’t resist making this one…..
New Bag - Front
This is the front view – and no your eyes aren’t going blurry – it’s the photo and me with the wobbles. Sorry about that.

The back view…..
New Bag - Back

The bag is really stiff as I used the stiff vilene in it that I used in my fabric postcards. It was easy to sew through and gives the bag some form and shape. I am using this already – theren’t nothing like a nice bright bag to cheer up you when your are shopping….grin.

So in summing up – Fabric Dyeing – if you haven’t tried it then go for it. I bought my fabric dyes from Kraft Kolour here in Victoria http://www.kraftkolour.com.au Wonderful and fast service and the prices I didn’t think were too bad either – espeically when you realise just how little of the dye powder you need to actually use. Follow Melissas instructions to the letter and you can’t go wrong. My laundry is still the same colour (so is the cat I might add as he was supervising me as I was playing) and I don’t have any strange dye spots on my arms or face- so in all I consider that to be a bonus…..roflol

10 thoughts on “Dyeing Fabric

  1. What fun you have had, and produced some fabulous coloured fabrics. I love the mottled colours – you can always buy solid colours, unless you need some to match the mottled fabric exactly.
    They really are beautiful.

    Nicole’s cushion is beautiful. Her work is so neat and the fabric combinations so colourful. I can see an extension will soon be needed on the sewing room … lol…not to mention more fabric required …. shriek!!!

    Your bag is lovely too. You’ll never misplace that bag – those lovely bright colours will always find YOU … lol.

    Congratulations on producing such a multi-talented family, Catherine. I’m sure James will make his mark, too.

  2. Your fabric looks great Catherine! I prefer the mottled look too, people often think it is suede until they touch it.
    Hope your year is going well so far

  3. You (both) have been busy!
    Adore the rainbow colours Catherine,and I’m so glad you shared with Nicole………….her cushion is a delight.May I send Kayla down for a session please?

    Love the bag..you wont have to whistle it to find it!

  4. Catherine all your dyed materials are gorgeous. The bag pics have come out quite sharply, not a blur in sight. I love the bag, so eye catching.

    Nicola, your beautiful cushion would grace any shop window and be in hot demand to be purchased. Well done.
    The other Maureen…

  5. Oh my, Catherine, what fun you have had!!!! Love your rainbow mottled colors….. love mottled myself. And the bag! what an eye catcher…… hubby already calls me “the bag lady” so one more won’t hurt now will it?

    Congratulations Nicole…… a beautiful job…. and Catherine…..50 meters of white is certainly NOT too much to ask for!!!

  6. Those fabrics are gorgeous! So much better than anything bought – have you ever thought of trying batik? My mum used to do alot of it and her designs became very intricate, but it can be as involved as you like. Lovely colours though šŸ™‚

    And Nicole’s cushion is brilliant ~ she takes after her mum!

  7. WOW, I am beyond impressed. I love all that fabric, and the ones you said were washed out? They look greatr like that too! I love the soft ones and the mottling you did is very good and even and adds so much interest..Catherine..i think this just might be one of your callings! Have you talked to Viv and Mary about sellling some in their site….of course that 50 metres would probably have to come in the front door first!

    Please let Nicole know that her cushion is great. I love the way the hearts urround the sun..that is a very cool pattern. Her color sense is excellent..she gets that from you I know she does!

    And yes, your bag is wonderful….i love the birght colors and how playful it is…i need something like that!

  8. Wow! I am amazed that anyone can blog, and do such crafts!! How do you manage to do it all? The projects you showed would take me days to do, most likely weeks…
    It just goes to show me, true artist manage to do what they love and time is full of creativity!

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