Elise’s Big News

We received the biggest news for 2007 last night.

Remember how I said that Elise did very well at school this year? She received High Distinctions for several of her subjects and we thought that was excellent, her report and the comments from the teachers were “glowing” to say the least.

Well last night Ashley’s cousin called around home on another matter and happened to mention that Elise received Dux of Year 7. Big Surprise!!!! as we hadn’t received any information from the school at all. (J. is very high up in the school as well as being Elise’s home room teacher so she knows what is going on.) Now Dux at our secondary school means she recieved the highest mark for the entire Year 7 Class – approx. 160 students. As you can imagine Ashley and I are doing the happy dance well and truly.

It took ages to get onto Elise to let her know the good news and I’m not sure she totally beleived me at first. Mum said (when she rang later) that Elise was beside her self with job when she told everyone up there what she had acheived.

This award has meant all that hard work and tears and straight out stress over the past 12 months – in what has been a diffiuclt year both socially and health wise for Elise – was worth it.


3 thoughts on “Elise’s Big News

  1. That is fantastic Catherine. Please send many congratulations to Elise on a job well done. How proud you must all be.

    Thankyou for my birthday wishes…. it meant alot. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

  2. Huge congratulations to Elise. That is a fantastic effort. I hope this year will be just as successful, but without the pressures and illnesses that Elise went through last year.

    You and Ashley have every reason to be proud of her as it shows a great strength of character and perseverance in overcoming those difficulties, still coming out a winner, and remaining a lovely young lady as well.

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