…..as opposed to S E X (Stash Enhancement Excercise) I have been dilligent in working on S R E (Stash Reduction Exercise) working on the theory that there is so much fabric hiding in my sewing room I could be 120 and still never use it all.

Now I admit a lot of it is not 100 percent cotton – most of it comes from when Mum and I both made clothes and toys and all those other bits and peices you make and being thrifty housewives we saved everthing and I do mean everything – right down to the smallest peice of fabric which you couldn’t even cut out a peice of applique from.

Now take a slight left curve in your mental thinking and remember that quilt that I wanted to make – the Weed Whacker quilt (a link to the photo of it is here ), well this is the reason I am practising SRE. I decided that I wouldn’t cut into any new fabric (ie a fat quarter that hadn’t already been cut) or for that matter any fat quarters, half metres or otherwise, until I had gone through all the boxes of fabric (I’m back – just counted them – there are 8 quite large tubs stacked full of fabric – read that as jammed in, stepped on to keep it there, and more stuff put on top) and used everything that is usable. Remember Weed Whacker is a scrap quilt and what could be better than using up all these scraps? Ok so they aren’t all cotton – does it really matter? The Quilt Police might worry about it but as they aren’t invited to my home I’m not stressing….vbg.

So the past few days have been busy with cutting 2 inch strips of various lengths from the fabric scraps. Anthing that really wasn’t any good was put out to be used as stuffing for the pillows the animals sleep on. Jess the cat now has a lovely bright yellow fleecy pillow in the laundry well out of the sight of the dogs but that is super comfy as he hasn’t left it all day.

The site where I found Weed Whacker (plus other stunning quilts) has a Scrap User’s System which I found interesting so I have been following it to some degree. So far I have cut 2 inch strips (some for Weed Whacker and some for the Butterchurn quilt I want to make plus other just for using), 3 1/2 inch blocks and “strings” those bits that aren’t a uniform size all the way along but are still too good to throw out – ok so my mind is fairly warped by this time.

I made this cushion with the strings…..
Diamond Strings Cushion
This pattern was so easy – the instructions are here – just follow them and you can’t go wrong. I used light weight vilene (interfacing) to sew my strings to for support and I don’t have a fancy triangle ruler – I just used my regular “Quilters Rule” which had a triangle marked at one end. To easy and it was heaps of fun and NO it didn’t take hours to do either. I had the whole thing finished in just a few hours – including a zip at the back of the cushion cover and the quilting sewn.

This Cushion is trialling the Weed Whacker pattern ….
Weed Whacker Cushion
I think this pattern might be a winner – it was certainly easy (don’t noice that one of the middle triangles doesn’t line up – by that stage it was very late and I should have stopped instead of pushing on – sigh)

I have also finally finished James’s Bright Crosses Quilt which he has been wiating on he tells me “forever”!!!!
Bright Crosses Quilt
This is all cotton bright fabrics which I hadn’t used before, but have fallen in love with. It has a plain black background and the backing and binding are black as well. It is quilted with variagated Signature quilting thread called “Citrus” which is lime green, bright orange and clear yellow – simply scrummy.

On a Christmas Ornament note – Linda from Chloe’s Place left me a comment to say it was her fair hands that made the second Christmas ornament I posted about the other day. My memory is bad these days – I knew it was someone special who made it – now I know – thanks Linda. Please keep Linda in your prayers – her town is down among the bush fires that are raging at the moment. I haven’t caught up with the news and so don’t know how things are today, but she does have some links on her blog which will give you more information for those who are interested.

So on that note I’m off to pin another quilt to the gamill ready for quilting. Not sure when that will be done, but at least if it is pinned I can work on it when the mood strikes me. I’m slowly getting over the flu, only had to get up once last night with a coughing fit and a good nights sleep plus the nanny nap I had on the couch yesterday afternoon has meant I’m feeling so much more rested. Which is possibly a good thing as Nicola and James have finished school as of 12 noon today and I now have them home for several weeks – the actual length of time I do not care to think of at the moment….vbg. Mum and Elise phoned the other day to say they have arrived safely at my sisters and thoroughly enjoyed their trip. Elise has been shown all sorts of things by her cousins and with the amount of walking they are doing I’m beginning to wonder if I should be sending up more shoes in case the onces she took are wearing out….lol. Either way it is entertaining all three girls nicely and means Mum and Yvonne can have some time together uninterupted.


3 thoughts on “S.R.E……

  1. It looks like you are having a lot of fun using up your stash.

    James’s Bright Crosses Quilt is so nice. I ‘ve always liked the black background with brightly-colored blocks, although I have yet to make one of my own.

    I hope you and your family have a great Christmas, Calidore.

    I’ll be watching to see what else you make from all that stash in the new year.

  2. I love the quilt you did for James – and the cushion covers are fabulous. I might give that pattern a go, it seems like something I might be able to follow. But for now I must finish my second sock, otherwise I will forever have one warm set of tootsies and one cold set!

    Merry Christmas to one and all 🙂

  3. I wish I could work on an S.R.E. but, alas, the call of S.E.X. is just too strong for my weak will…maybe I could make a new year resolution..I do really well with those (NOT)

    all the best for the season

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