Where Did Time Go Today?

On the off chance you might have thought in an idle moment – I wonder what Catherine/Calidore has on her list of things to do today?????…..lol…..here is my day………

Up at 6.30 am with Ashley as he started work at 7 am.

Drop kids off at school at 8.30 am then down the street to shop and do various small jobs.

Home by 10.30 to find Ashley home and chatting to two reps from some of the electrical suppliers we use. Naturally we all chatted for a few minutes…..grin.

They left and another rep turned up half an hour later.

As we were chatting to him and checking out the latest specials – I had two phone calls.

One from the Assistant Principal to thank me for offering to chook sit the school poultry over the Summer holidays and the other from a member of our pumping syndicate (the irrigation water we use) to see if we wanted water just then and to say the pump has probably broken down but he would try it again.

Door bell rings 15 mins later – same man to say no luck with the pump and could Ashley have a look – he then goes after we exchange some more thoughts and ideas…..grin.

Rep leaves, Mum arrives to say she can’t drive down the drive as there are cars parked in it – took the opportunity to give her her mail while the rep was driving out.

Ashley heads off to check pump and I walk up to the school where I am cooking sausages for the prep christmas party – it’s only 12 noon by this time!!!

Ashley arrives 10 mins later at school – pump is working, and helps cook sausages. By 1.20pm we had fed 80 hungry prep children and several staff members and ourselves.

Home for me to get more phone calls regarding the water – all while I am trying to hang washing on the line. Then I realised Ashley was going to turn the water on soon and my washing would be soaked in channel/irrigation water. Pull off washing and hang it under pegola.

Another phone call – from our Accountants Secretary this time to say there is a problem with them and the bank and linking the business acount (to complicated to explain here and I won’t bore you). Another trip down the street, got papers from Accountant, go to bank to get things sorted. It’s Ashley’s signature. It changes constantly (don’t ask me why – I can’t figure it out) and he had to come in and resign the paper work to get everything sorted out.

Home again (by now it’s 3 pm) quick cuppa with Mum then off to pick up kids. Home to cook tea as Nicola has swimming at 5.30. James and Elise elect to stay home and set the table, have showers etc (read that as watch TV). Off to swimming.

Home by 6.30 – heat up tea and feed kids and me. Ahshley walks in the door at 7.20 pm and has to be at a meeting by 7.30pm – good thing I’m organised by this stage…..vbg.

He leaves for meeting and I leave half a hour later to take James back to the school to catch the bus as the preps are being driven around all the Christmas lights in town as part of their end of year breakup.

Now I just have to remember to pick James up at 9.30, shower and fall into bed.

Tomorrow I sincerly hope I get to do nothing more streneous than make a cuppa, hang one load of washing on the line and read a book. What do you think my chances are????

Hope your day was a good one.


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