After receiving several rather large hints that I hadn’t posted the postcards I received in the swap I was in…..I thought it time I did something about that….lol.

The one at the top is from Sandie at abeautifulcraft – simply stunning. As always Sandie’s work has to be seen to be beleived it is so good and she comes up with so many ideas that my mind boggles how she fits it all in with her family and studies.

The card to the left of the photo – with the cross stitched angels on it, is from Maureen at crazyQstitcher. Maureen has developed a bit of an obsession with postcards and has made some beautiful cards and blogged them. Maureen is a crazy quilter that I will get to meet at the Gather at Easter time – can’t wait.

The card on the right came all the way from the States from Katie at Katie’s New Place. Katie is a new friend I have made through the Crazy Quilting Friends internet group I am a member of. she does the most beautiful work and sends the lovliest of emails.

Thank you all girls for your wonderful work and the love and care you put into each card. They are treasured and will have pride of place each year in my lounge room.


One thought on “Postcards

  1. Love your Christmas Postcards… so sorry I missed out on that swap, but Maureen B. did sent me one. Have a Happy Christmas…

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