Oh Christmas Tree

Yes the tree is up. Why on earth I don’t get organised and assemble the tree, sort out the ornaments and have everything ready the night before I don’t know. It would save so much time (an eight foot tree takes quite some time to get looking right) and a whole lot of stress as the kids dive into the ornament boxes pulling stuff out left, right and centre. Although I guess that is the whole purpose of putting the tree up – everyone putting on their favourite peices and remembering just when they were given or made that particular ornament.

The star at the top of the tree. Well actually just below the top of the tree cause otherwise it doesn’t fit…grin…on account of the tree actually touches the roof even though it doesn’t look like it in this photo. Each year I remind Ashley we should have built a house with higher ceilings – and we would have, if it wasn’t for the cost.


The Peace Dove that Maureen from crazyQstitcher sent me one year at Christmas time.
Dove of Peace

I was suffering from Depression and really struggling. Later that day I collected the mail to find a mystery parcel inside. Not being one to wait until I got home – I opened it then and there and nearly burst into tears in the middle of the main street. To find such a wonderful handmade gift, given with love, was more than I expected to ever receive. See Maureen your Dove is still nice and plump – each year it hangs right up near the top of the tree to remind me that there are Angels in the form of Friends everywhere. The children all know that is Mum’s Dove and it is mine to hang and each year they admire it and say what a wonderful job you did making it.

Christmas ornament
Another crazy quilted ornament I received in the first cq swap I ever did. I don’t remember who gave it to me – but it’s another ornament I cherish.

Nativity Ornament
This Nativity Ornament is as old as I am – a whole 38 years – scary when you think about it. It was given to me at my first Christmas and has hung on every tree we have ever had since. It is two and a half inches high and two inches wide and yes it is as faded as the photo shows. The roof was once a royal blue as was the base. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus halos are still gold though. The ornament is all wood and hand painted and this is another ornament that is Mum’s to hang. Each year it has pride of place at the front of the tree and serves to remind us – as small as it is – why we celebrate Christmas.


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