Still here

For those who may have thought I have decended into Bra Buying Hell – not so. Instead I’m now in the zone which consists of spending hours on the computer typing in customer names and addresses and lists of all the “things” (for want of a better word) that Ashley uses in his daily work so the computer programs are up and running for the start of the business. Can I just say it is a not a pleasant or mind stimulating excerise – but one that has to be done and I will be heartily glad to see the back of it all.

Luckily I saw my Doctor a month ago and requested some antidepressent medication. I could see the signs coming on – the stresses and strains of the past few months have been catching up with me slowly – and I could see myself crashing and burning right on Christmas with all the associated chaos that the “silly season” brings.

This Christmas will be especially hard as Elise is heading up to the Northern Territory with Mum to spend time with my sister Yvonne and her family. I don’t mind her going – well ok I do a bit! – but it will be a fantastic opportunity for her – not only to travel (over night on The Ghan – train for those overseas) and see how others live, but also to spend time with her Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Apparently there are all sorts of treats lined up for her – including Uncle John teaching her how to ride a horse and I know she will have a wonderful time. It will just be strange not to have my girl home for Christmas.

The really good news with Elise – and I know you won’t mind me boasting a little – is that our cousin rang last night – Ms J. is Elise’s home room teacher and house leader – to say that Elise is the top student for Year 7 in Wells house. Ms J. is so proud of her – as are Ashley and I naturally….grin – especially as Elise had had three weeks off school with that mystery illness. Elise is meant to go to a Presentation Evening that the college holds to receive her certificate – but unfortuantely that night she will be well on the way to Alice Springs. Still just knowing she has done so well brings tears to my eyes. Now we are trying to work out where she got her brains from….roflol.

So having dosed myself with medication – and using Flylady’s routines – I am actually coping with all I have to do. Life is incredibly busy. I worked with Ashley again this week – four hours one morning. I could not beleive just how tired I was after that bit of work. The housework is being done slowly and I have wrapped most of the christmas presents. That on it’s own was a mammoth task and this year I had bought less than other years. It didn’t help that I didn’t have any Christmas tags to put on them and then had to turn around and make some.

Earlier in the week I made some soup and cake and dropped them around to friends who are having a bit of a struggle this year. Please if you would keep them in your prayers. They are elderly and have taken over the care of their 11 month old grand daughter as the childs mother is unable to care for the child at this time. Both Grandparents have health issues and this is proving to be such a strain. It felt so good to take them some meals and help out in some small way.

We had the Car Club Christmas Rally on the weekend – I think it is safe to say that we didn’t win…vbg – but it was a lot of fun and the BBQ afterwards with friends just relaxing was wonderful.

My sewing has come to a bit of a standstill unless you count the mending I seem to be doing. I have made a few more postcards – trying out a new technique which worked rather well…pleased grin….but I haven’t had a chance to do any more. The couple I did send off seemed to take forever. I needed to finish the edges and wanted to zig zag around them. Of course my machine keep skipping stitches so I popped up to Mum’s and borrowed her machine which necesitated fiddling around to work out how it worked! It’s skipped stitches as well. Finally I discovered it was the needle – why I didn’t check that in the first place I don’t know – and they were done in about five minutes. I should have a sign up in the sewing room that reads – “Check the needle first Dummy!!!”

This afternoon I have an excursion with Nicola’s classroom to look at the Forest of Christmas Trees that are decorated each year by local clubs and organisations. They are then auctioned off and the money given to charity. Some apparently are very creative and look fantastic. I haven’t seen them before – only the entry from the Croquet Club – cause Mum decorates it – so it will be interesting. Must remember to take the camera.

Next week I have to cook lunch for James’s prep breakup. Normally they have a BBQ tea and then hire a bus to tour the Christmas lights – but this year it is a BBQ lunch and the lights later that night. Ashley always went to help – but this year it doesn’t look like he will be able to.

Work is incredibly busy – good thing I know considering we are in a drought. Both of us are up at 6.30am (unheard of even 12 months ago) and he has generally left by 7 or 7.30am. Home for lunch then not home again until 6 pm or later. He is tired but coping and enjoying the new responsibilties. Would you also keep his Dad in your prayers as well. He had a hip replacement last week and while that part went well there have been some other complications which need sorting out before he is well on the way to recovery. Hopefully it will all be fine by Christmas.

Well if you have read to this point you will now need a cuppa and a nice lie down….vbg. We are all managing – despite the long hours and the new things we are tackling. I hope your week/weeks have been good ones.

Hugs to all



5 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Hang in there, dear Catherine. You are doing a fantastic job for your family, your business and your community. Absolutely the salt of the earth. I wish there was some magical way to evaporate that ‘black cloud’ so that it never returns.

    I’m not sure if you continually strive for perfection – or just strive to get it all done … lol. Either way, don’t beat yourself up if not everything gets done quite to your standard or quite as quickly as you would like. Do the things that really have a deadline and then the others will gradually follow.

    A few little imperfections will make your family realise that you are human, with your share of needs and frailties, and yet endear your more to family and friends. Like an older face with a few lines and wrinkles (I’m not describing you, silly girl!) has more character and is more appealing than the ultra-smooth porcelain complexion. At least I think so; and I love you for your humility and humanity.

    Congratulations to Elise. Her results are a real credit to her, especially considering her illness and her very difficult introduction to secondary school. I hope she has a wonderful holiday.

    Now I’d better go and make that cuppa, or have a lie down …. lol.

  2. Oh Catherine
    That is so good…that Elise has done so well this year!
    And don’t sell yourself “short” girl…..You and Ashley put in the ground work,the blueprint if you like,for her success.
    But I must remind you,as Alice has,not to become paranoid about being/doing all things for all owe it to yourself to stop and smell the daisies occasionally.

  3. Thanks girls. If there were any daisies left in my garden I’d be smelling them…lol. The hot weather has just about destroyed all the flowers at the moment.

    I’m taking it slowly and my perfectionism has taken such a back seat in the last few months it isn’t funny. I think – at last – I’m beginning to “lighten up” about myself and about everything else. I can only hope so.

    Either way there are a lot of imperfections in me – but God willing – they are the right imperfections…grin. Ohh and as for the wrinkles – yep got them already – character lines I call them…roflol.

    Elise says to say thank you for your best wishes. She is really proud of herself – as she should be.

  4. Hi Catherine … we must catch up for a natter on the phone ….
    I miss you!!!!! hugs and loves Sandie
    It sounds like everything is going well, even if it’s all hectic. Well done with Elise, that is just so good!

  5. Hi Catherine, whenever you feel like things are caving in on you take a couple of deep breaths, go fix a cuupa, sit in your favorite chair and relax. By the time the tea is gone you will wonder what all the fuss was about and you’ll be on your way to getting things done in their own time.

    Elise’s holiday is the perfect reward for a scolastic job well done. Hope she has a fantastic time and gets to do lots of new things. What a chatting time the two of you will have when she gets home!

    Looking forward to reading more about your busy life. Many hugs!

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