Buying a Bra

It might be just me, but I find buying a bra a particularly embarrassing and degrading experience. It isn’t something I enjoy and I must admit to buying two of any bras I do find that fit properly just so I don’t have to repeat the experience anymore often than necessary.

I have….well…..big boobs…there I’ve said it….lol. I’m not as big as some, but there is rather more of me than others. After breast feeding three children and gravity taking it’s toll shall we just say my breasts are more on “low beam” or even “parkers” than “high beam” anymore, so I find fitting a bra even more difficult.

I’m not into the “push me up” ones – in fact I think men invented them so women with boobs bigger than a pimple on a pumpkin can fall out of them. Forget the “lightly padded” kind – I have enough padding as it is. “Convertable”….no thanks it would be my luck the convertable part would come apart just when I didn’t want it too. Lace – not a chance – I hate feeling like I want to peel my skin off just five minutes after putting on the bra. Seam line —- ohh please —not with the seamless and skin fitting tops that seem to abound in the shops today.

In short I want a comfortable bra, that holds me in, stops me jiggling and actually makes me look like I have a chest, not an addition to my waist line. I want to be able to wear it all day, not have to hook up the straps cause they are falling off my rather rounded shoulders, and I don’t want the back so tight that it cuts off my breathing. On the off chance I have to run – well I did say it was an off chance – I don’t want two black eyes cause the bra didn’t support me. Too much to ask??? Well after today I’m beginning to think so.

And further to my list of requirements – why can’t change rooms be big enough so you don’t hit your elbows each time you try a garment on? Even more important – why can’t they have mirrors that FLATTER rather than show evey flaw in a woman’s body when ever she has to go through this excerise? After all they invent the “W Bra”, knickers that hold your tummy in, socks that you can wear all day – surely it can’t be that hard to invent a mirror that you actually look good in?

I admit I don’t go to a shop that specialises in fitting women’s undergarments. The budget doesn’t run that far and the idea of someone else seeing me with nothing on does not exactly fill me with delight….sigh…so I struggle with the department store underwear and mutter and grumble under my breath as I do it.

It’s really sad when you think about it isn’t it? Please, please, please tell me I’m not the only one who suffers from all of this. When I think back to how easy it was to buy my first bra – well lets face it back then there were only a couple of choices – why now, some 25 odd years later, does it have to be so damm hard?

You will be pleased to note (or maybe not – depending on how you look at it….lol) I did manage to find a bra that fitted all my requirements and I bought TWO. So now at least it will be quite a while before I have to go through this again.

I sincerely hope your day has had a better start than mine. I might now go and try on the necklace I just bought to reward myself for perservering with the bra fitting……roflol….well that’s my story anyway….wicked grin

Have a lovely day.


7 thoughts on “Buying a Bra

  1. LOL You said it girl. I totally agree. Buying bra’s is not fun. Even if you got small ones. They do not fit like I want them to. And the dressingroom is another story. But why does we women need to wear them?????

  2. I know how you feel. I also, am rather too well endowed. After 50 odd years of struggling to find a bra that didn’t itch, cut me in half, roll up, fall down or off, poke holes in my sides or make me look as fake as ‘Wonder Woman’, and that I could afford, I’ve now opted for budget priced offerings made of wonderfully soft cotton that don’t look like a straightjacket and are so comfortable to wear they feel like a second skin.

    May Britt asks “why we women need to wear them?” One look at me without one provides all the answer I need.

  3. No kidding, eh? Sometimes I think the comfortable ones that are actually wearable are being held hostage as some kind of top-secret government research project. Technology can send a man to the moon, but can’t manage a small piece of fabric that controls the boobage correctly. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

  4. I loved your post.
    I too hate the job of finding a comfortable bra. I have probably 4 in my drawer that I haven’t worn because they really don’t fit well. Can you believe I had my Mother-in-law bring me two bras from Switzerland – I told her the shop and size and they are perfect!

  5. Hi Catherine, I can relate so well. I wear a 16E and they are as rare as hens teeth. At times, I’ve had to resort to a DD instead as finding a bra in my size is impossible. (more so out here!)
    You would think with todays technology that someone would have come up with a creation of a bra that would suit us larger busted woman in a price range that isn’t ‘falling off your perch’ material.
    I so relate to the running and black eyes, I actually gave up horse riding as my boobs hurt so much after riding, even with wearing a sports bra. I can understand why woman have breast reductions. On a more funnier note, Chris (husband for other readers) offered to be my bra and go around holding me UP all day. MEN …. ROTFLOL .. I had to laugh or I would have snotted him one!

  6. ROFLOL What a hoot you girls are!!!!!! Can I relate Catherine and Alice and Sandie!!!!! Its no fun shoving yourself into a front hooker because back support is a must!!!! The older I get the worse my posture is. Its hard to stand up straight and carry tonnage at a decent level. Maybe if I lose some all over weight I’ll have a better chance Ha!

    Oh, Alice I like your answer to May Britt…. you don’t want to see me without one LOL

  7. OHHHH Catherine and others too, you are so funny, but then it’s not funny at all that we have to go through this “torture” I call it to buy a bra. Well I can tell you this it is well worth going to a special bra shop and get yourself measured properly as I was buying a 40C to keep all of me in but after a month or two dare raise my hands and I’d fall out from underneath!!!

    Well go figure I was buying the wrong size! They fitted me with a 36DD and it fits perfectly and I can actually stay in that sucker even into the evening! Well except on a hot sweaty day – nope definitely not then.

    Now I did not buy mine there but went to a Dept store and bought two correctly fitted one at one-third the price. Hey one day I’ll treat myself to a special one – just because! So don’t fret there is hope out there for us!

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