Back To Basics

I have felt the need for a few weeks to get back to basics with my sewing. It feels like I have been creating with needle and thread on my Gather Blocks for months – well in fact it has. I have also been sewing some new clothes for myself for months as well. I’m pleased to report that I have one more blouse for me to finish and a skirt for Elise and I’m done.

So far I have made….

3 pairs of 3/4 length pants
3 Shirts with 3/4 length sleeve
1 bouse
2 (or it will be when the second one is finished) wrap around blouses
2 skirts
If that lot doesn’t imrove the prospects of my wardrobe nothing well…..except maybe that stunning little dress I saw in Target this morning. Although if it is anything like the dress I tried on the other day in a different shop I will look like a giant (green) marshmellow. Trust me – it wasn’t a good look….lol.
So with all this creativity I have been feeling the urge to create something simple – a quilt. Never mind that there are half a dozen quilt tops in the cupboard waiting to be quilted or bound, this one is calling me.
It goes by the stunning title of Weed Whacker – although Stash Whacker would probably be a better title as it is made using scraps and what is already in your stash and lets face it – I have plenty of both. You can see the pattern here – do check out the other quilts that are there as well – they are simply stunning and are free patterns. I think part of the appeal is that I can make it while sewing other things together – just peice blocks as time and inspiration hits.
Thre is also another quilt in one of my quilting blocks called “Butterchurn” which I bought fabric for two years ago when there was a possibility of being invited to go to a quilting camp. The camp invitation didn’t happen (hate it when that happens) and I still have the fabric there waiting patiently.
Maybe it is because life is so busy, that I need to get back to basics – to “ground” myself again. I don’t know. Either way it is fun dreaming about all the possibilities that are out there.

6 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Oh you WICKED girl…..showing me that scrumptious quilt when I haven’t got TIME to try it!
    Can I send you TWO boxes of offcuts and YOU make it for me?

  2. You’ve created a whole new wardrobe in just a month? How do you do it?! That quilt looks gorgeous, probably a bit too complicated for a beginner like me, but I love the colours and way it almost looks 3D.

  3. i think i tried that dress on …except i couldnt get out of it ..or in it ..!!the green marshmallow hadn’t occurred to me ..but now you’ve said it ………lol

  4. That is a stunning quilt – is it on the Quiltville website? I’ve made one from that site – I Spy Four Patch. Lovely patterns and all made from different size strips!! I need 48 hour days to do everythign I want!!!!

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