The Long and Short of a Fenceline

Of course just because we wanted/needed to do quite a bit in the garden, it has turned out to be a scorcher where the weather is concerned. After a week with all sorts of weather – including winds that I swear were straight of the polar cap – this hot weather is taking a bit of getting used to.

Wednesday (the windest and coldest day we have had for months) was spent with both Ashley and I wandering around purposefully on the Children’s Primary School roof pulling electrical wires under sheets of iron to connect up the new airconditioners they have installed. Thank heavens the roofs were flat as I am hopeless at heights (I get dizzy standing on a stool changing a light globe) but here I was walking around only a little bit scared…grin. It seemed to take hours but in reality we were done in an afternoon.

Mum picked up the kids from school while we were working and kept them at her place for afternoon tea and homework. Elise wandered down to our house (remember Mum only lives up the back of our block) to get something and was just in time to see Milly leaping gracefully over the middle pergola fence. We knew she could jump but were hoping that the fence there would deter her. Well apparently not! So today we bought a heap of star pickets (6 foot long ones which cost nearly as much as the national debt) and have installed them along with several metre of fencing wire/mesh (which we fortunately already had) along both sides of the middle pergola. Now I will have to grow some roses along them to disguise them. I have several cuttings of a climber we call Auntie Florries Rose (after Grandma’s sister) – offical name unknown – but it flowers for months and is the most amazing burgandy red colour, that have rooted and will go in on one side. The other side I will put my Cl. Devonensis for lack of installing him anywhere else. The fence is fairly long so I shall have to come up with another rose to partner Devonensis as there is no way he will cover all that area.

Ashley also picked up 10 bales of pea straw for me last night so I spent a very pleasant hour after tea mulching the Red Bed. I managed to get half done and will try and get the other half done tonight. While cruising the Eden Seeds Catalogue I found these nasturtiums which are the most stunning red and I might just have to get some to put in the Red Bed. It is full of old fashioned red roses with a silver conifer marking the exact centre of it and has a border of deep red miniture roses that will form a hedge (I hope) if Milly ever stops jumping on them and over them and running through them.

I have some Queen Anne’s Lace growing and I must save some seeds and plant in this bed as well. For a photo of QAL look here at the World Carrot Museum. I kid you not – there is a museum for carrots. And just because I like to give you a bit of everything – for those who crochet (I’m not one of them despite my best efforts) – there is a link here for a free Queen Annes Lace crochet pattern which looks rather pretty. For those who are into Tatting instead here is a lovely pattern (I’m learning how to tat at Easter – yipee) for a butterfly which I could see on some crazy quilting.

My sewing is proceeding slowly. No more has been done on the gather blocks but they are waiting patiently for inspiration to strike again….lol. I have finished one skirt and have another and some pants cut out in a lightweight navy blue cotton which has a certain amount of stretch in it so they will be comfortable. I really should be sewing them, but playing on the computer is much more fun at the moment.

As for the business affiairs. Well our trading name is registered. The insurance is organised so now Ashley can get his contractors licences sorted out. No public liabilty – no contractors licence. No contractors licence – no work – at leat no work by yourself. Part of the Electrical regulations is that any Electrician must have a contractors licence or work for someone who does – at least that’s the way I think it works. It seems to change according to the whim of goodness knows who. The bank account is organised. Monday the sheets the suppliers require you to fill in for their records will be posted off and then I think we are just about organised. Now we just have to wait for January 1 to roll around as we are set. It still feels like a dream that might not come true, but the wheels are in motion and can’t be stopped now. I must admit as scary as it all is – it will be nice working for ourselves instead of in partnership with others. Any decisions good or bad will be our to make and I think – I know -we are more than capable of making a real go of this. All our main clients are supporting us and have told Ashley to his face they will continue to use him as well we are picking up new business all the time – which in a drought where money is getting tighter and tighter – is wonderful.

But enough of that. I hope your weekend is a good one and you are starting to get organised for Christmas. Excuse the ticker clock at the top of this blog – it is there more to remind me just how close Christmas is and to motivate me to get things done – more than it is intended to scare you….vbg.


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