Feeling Frustrated

I’m starting to get very frustrated with “things” at the moment. Nothing major, but enough that I don’t feel like anything is really working properly for me and that is really bugging me.

For two days I hve been trying to switch my blog over to the new beta version. For a start I got a message saying my blog wouldn’t switch (no reason given why not) and to try again later. So I did – several times. Now I get a message saying your blog is in progress and we (presumably blogger) will let you know by email when it is done. Well I’m still waiting for that email. I feel like a kid who was promised a trip to the toy store, only to have it cancelled at the last minute. I have been ummming and arrring about the switch for a few weeks and decided to stop waffling and to get on with it. Decision made – got to be a good thing – right? Wrong – now nothing is happening……arrrrrrrr.

Sandie at abeautifulcraft has put out a call for all those who want motivation/inspiration to finish some ufo’s (unfinished objects) and what some are calling wisps (works in slow progress). I’m soooooooooo tempted to join in the fun, but am still holding back but I’m not totally sure why. Fear of not acheiving all I want maybe. Fear of just how many ufo’s and wisps there are hidden away in my cupboards and under tables and on shelves. Fear that just maybe I will be putting more pressure on myself (at a time when I don’t need any extra). Now the wonderful thing about Sandie is that she puts absolutely no pressure on anyone to complete these ufo’s, the challenge is just designed to offer motivation and support to those who want it by following links to others blogs and seeing just what everyone else is acheiving. As I said I’m soooo tempted as there is plenty there (even without searching) to do but the reason just why I am holding back escapes me and that’s really bugging me.

I have done a little more out in the garden – weeding in the vegie garden for a start. I planted 8 rows of beans yesterday and in between the wonderful showers of rain we are having today I have planted a peice of ginger (in with the tomatoes so I know where it is…lol), carrots and spring onions. Yesterday I had a list of what I wanted acheived in there – plant pumpkin and corn seed, put up wire for cucumber to grow on along with some luffa seeds that I bought the other week to try out, weed the tomatoes – again (they do have flowers on them though) and clean out the chook pen and move the chickens and their cage from the lawn to to the chook pen. So what did I get done – only the bean seeds were planted. Nothing else – nothing! More frustration.

I have still been working on the gather blocks for next Easter and they are progressing – slowly. That in itself is frustrating as well. I want them finished – the job done, but each one does, in all reality take several hours as I want to do good work. These ladies are spending their time making me a block so I want to give them something I have crafted with love for them. I have an emmense feeling of satisfaction when each block is done and I can blog it – but then I move onto the next one. At this stage I have only completed 6 – there are another seven still to go.

I am so not going to mention the housework, baking or bill paying I have to do – despite being very organised with Flylady’s reminder emails. My bathroom is clean however…grin…. and next weeks menu is organised.

The only thing that feels like it is progressing normally is the setting up of our new business. The business name is registered (certificate came the other day), the bank account is set up, the work computer purchased , business cards are designed, as is the logo for the work vehicle and our accountant is happy and confident with how things are going. So I guess all that is a big plus.

Now having bored you with my frustrations I shall go and do some more sewing – well lunch first, then sewing…….my tummy is rumbling….grin. I hope your weekend is a good one. Thanks for reading/listening.




2 thoughts on “Feeling Frustrated

  1. I put it down to the sort of pre-Christmas hiatus. Not quite time to rush yet, but you know it is the calm before the storm.

    But the roses everywhere are just beautiful, so the world cannot be all bad. 🙂

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