Life in the Fast Lane

I honestly think that I need a week of no interuptions. No meals to cook, no visitors, no kids to run to and from school, no washing, no phone calls….nothing and I might……….might………………… actually get everything done that I need too.

It has just been so busy in this household it is unbeleivable – yet they are just ordinary household and family things that we are busy doing. Ashley hasn’t been home much before 6 pm each night and leaves before 8 am each morning to try and keep up with all that needs doing workwise. When he isn’t working he is helping me in the garden and his latest project is to rebuild the mower deck as a bearing decided to collapse just after I finished the lawns on Sunday.

The children seem to have so much on at school – swimming, school sports, homework and so on they even they are starting to feel the strain of overload.

I have been frantically trying to get Gather Blocks done although progress is slow to say the least. This is the latest offering for your viewing pleasure….lol…………….
Gather Block 1
It is really strong colourwise and I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it, but play around long enough with threads and lace and silk ribbon and it’s amazing what can happen. I have added teal coloured beads to the feather stitch at the right hand side of the print and as always have embroidered the recipients initial and mine after the scan was taken. I’m not going to give away any secrets if I can help it.

I have also been working on some christmas themed postcards for a swap I have joined. Two are done and one to go. I was hoping to complete five for swapping but now realise that is beyond me at this stage. Maybe wisdom is setting in in my old age……grin.

Yesterday was Milly’s turn to visit the vets for an operation. We had her spayed as we certainly do not need any hairy Jack Russell/Red Heeler puppies running around. Though I must admit the mind boggles as to what they would look like….roflol. She was fairly dopey last night, but about 1 am came to her senses completely to the point she had to be locked in the laundry to prevent her trying to jump on the bed or couch. The Vet told us she wasn’t to jump, run or be excessively active while the wound heals…hah. That was yesterdays funny story. Today you wouldn’t even know she has had major surgery. Wish I had bounced back that fast after having a ceasar with James.

I still have to shop this week and on Sunday it is Nicola’s 11th birthday so I will have to come up with a cake. I’m sure there are presents hidden in the wardrobe – but will check later tonight or tomorrow to make sure. She is getting her ears peirced on Saturday as part of her present and can’t wait. Wonder if she still feels that way afterwards.

In an effort to get myself more organised I have subscribed to Flylady. So far it is working. For once my bathrooms are clean everyday, the dusting is done and the kitchen benches are actually visable. It’s not that I’m a slob, but I just get so overwhelmed with what I have to do that I end up doing nothing. I have a list of what I need to do each day and most of the time those jobs are all done by the time the kids have to be taken to school. Somedays I’m even in the sewing room or on the computer by 10 am – unheard of a month ago. Still wondering just why I’m not getting more sewing done that I want or need to, but guess that will work out in time.


3 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. Catherine, this block is stunning! I don’t know how you gals do it…….. well, yes I do…… you just keep at it, right? Maybe one of these days mine will turn out pretty special…. anyway, I’ll keep trying.

  2. Catherine…what a great block…there are so many things you can do with strong colors….and you have found them! I am SOOOOO with you on the being overwhlemed part! I am glad that the fly lady thingie has helped you see daylight! I started doing a thing or two from there myself quite a while ago and i am amazed the difference some simple steps would make!
    By the way, did you know that way at the bottom of my blog page there is a color chooser doo-dad… was posted on Sharon B.’s site, (tthe URL) and when i went to check it out, they allowed you to put it on your own page, so I did!

    love you, ktj

  3. Catherine, this block is gorgeous!
    Don’t panic, just do what you can..

    As we say here in Aust.”she’ll be right mate, it’ll all get done”

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