I have had one of those days where what I set out to achieve – actually happened…shock, horror, three cheers.

My two Christmas cakes were in the oven by 7.15 am and finished by 10 am. You should have smelt the house – absolutely scrummy. Mum did suggest while we were having a cuppa shortly afterward they finished cooking, that had I made three cakes we could have been enjoying a peice with our morning cuppa. Sorry Mum didn’t think that far ahead. She did return later with a bag of mixed dried fruit and a huge hint that if we can’t enjoy Christmas cake a boiled fruit cake would be just as good…lol. Maybe by Friday she might get her wish.

The house was clean, I started the washing, did some of the ironing – there is still a huge pile left, but at least I made a beginning and I picked three vases of roses to put around the house. It was hot and windy and I figured leaving them on the bushes was a waste, they would only be destroyed. So now I have them inside and they are stunning – even if I do say so myself…grin.

By 11.30 am I started sewing on the gather blocks again. Another one was finished last night……
Gather Block 9
as always click on the photo and it should take you to a larger image. I realised after I had scanned it in that I had forgotton to do a seam treatment on the top right hand corner – where the fan is – no problems – all fixed now and another one is crossed off my list.

Today I have worked in 15 minute intervals. My hands are a bit sore so 15 mins seemed a reasonable length of time to work – and work it did. Each time the timer went off I went and put away some dishes, or made a bed or just went for a walk around the house then came back to the sewing room and got stuck into the sewing again. All being well, and me actually getting off the comptuer tonight at a decent hour – I should have this next block finished and will be able to show you tomorrow. Progress today was amazing and I should stick to that routine more often – at least by the end of the day I could see results.

There will be little sewing time tomorrow however. I have to go on an excursion with James’s class to a farm where they watch sheep being shorn. Thank heavens it is supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow as apparently we do quite a bit of standing around in a shearing shed – you can imagine the smell and the flies…….grimace.

James’s thought for today was…………..drumroll……….he wouldn’t mind getting his lip peirced!!! Not his ear as that would be too girly….roflol, but his lip. I wasn’t game to ask why, the answer might have been worse than the thought of it all. Sorry Son – not going to happen while you are living in my house….grin. Can’t wait to tell Ashley – wonder if I should have the camera ready when I do……evil grin.

I hope your day was as good as mine.


5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. It doesn’t seem 12 months ago since the last time you were baking your Xmas cakes – where has this year gone… I can smell them from here… Well, let me say I can remember how they smell since I have completely lost my smell again…

  2. lol… My dear departed Dad used to say…. Nicole, you must think the sun shines outta your ****!
    So one day I went and got a tattoo of a sun just above my butt at the base of my spine…lol
    He never said it again. I totally agree with you… no lip piercing, definitely not!

    Beautiful work Catherine… watch those hands… I find a dab of tiger balm helps. xox Nicole

  3. Wow, you’ve been productive – completely the opposite to me, I feel just ‘in a rut’ at the moment, nothing seems to be getting done – perhaps I should use the 15 minute method!

    Have a great week 🙂

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