Blogging Woes

I have had a few emails from friends telling me they cannot access my blog. Now I’m not sure if it is because I had added music to my blog or if it is other problems. Either way I have removed the music which will hopefully now allow them to access my ramblings.

I have to ask though – has anyone switched to the new Beta Blog? Zoey had some discussion on the subject on her blog Perennial Passion. Some say it’s good and others don’t.

From what I have read this morning we will all eventually have to switch – it’s just a matter of when. I’m still in two minds about the whole thing. Maybe I will try a test blog first and see how I go. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions. Part of my indecision is that I really don’t understand html and I really, really don’t have time to spend hours trying to troubleshoot problems which may occur. I am also worried about losing everything – which seems really silly as they are only words and in the overall scheme of things probably not that important.

If you can access this blog, please let me know what you think.


8 thoughts on “Blogging Woes

  1. I have no trouble accessing your blog.
    I have started a test beta. It really is easier to navigate, but I too am very hesitant to swap over. I like my blog as it is, and I would hate to lose any of it.
    I have noticed that your flickr box isn’t doing anything, neither was mine!and a few others I’ve seen (not doing anything for me pics)
    Love your Gathering block 10, by the way. Lovely colour palette.

  2. I started a test blog too Jo – seemed easy enough and I liked the fact you could customise your template a little more. Will have to check the flickr box – thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t tried it at all. The blurb I read said flickr was supposed to still be ok with the new beta blog – I hope so.

  3. No problems accessing your blog, Catherine, and Flickr seems to be working just fine. Glad SOMETHING is working just fine for me … lol.

    I go into ‘ostrich syndrome’ at the mere mention of Beta, but I guess the day will come when we’ll all be tipped over the edge into Betaland. Good idea about the test blog; I think I’ll give that a go too.

  4. I am umming and ahhhing about the BetaBlogger thing – I can access your blog fine, but I think I’m going to wait until I have have to change, so that any ‘teething’ problems will be ironed out. Knowing Google/Blogger it’ll be a looooong Beta period (Gmail is years old now and still in ‘beta’) so I’ll stay where I am – nice and comfy 😉

  5. I can access your blog ok Catherine.
    I’m so worried also about changing over to beta.
    I’m quite happy with what I have and worried I’d lose any of it…boy what a job it would be to try and put all that stuff up again.
    Test blog sounds like the way to go first..

  6. Wooo Hoooo I can access your blog again Catherine! Along with everyone else, I am in no hurry to change over to beta …. too many people have had troubles and I’d rather them iron all the ‘hic-ups’ out before we have to change over. How on earth do you put 18 months of blogging over to another new blog anyhow??? My gosh, I’ll have a pink fit trying…..

    Your block is just beautiful …. counting the days till I see them all in person!

  7. Guess what Catherine…… for the first time in weeks I’ve been able to access your blog. I’m just getting the hang of blogger and have no hankering to change. Why can’t they leave well enough alone?????? Anyway gorgeous block!!!! Looking forward to seeing them in person.

  8. Thanks girls. I’m sticking with my blog the way it is until I have to change. Far too much trouble to try and fiddle around fixing any problems. I barely have time enough to blog lately as it is.

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