My Results Are Back

Just had a phone call from my Doctor not more than 10 minutes ago to let me know the results of the possible skin cancer he removed/cut from my face.

It was cancer, but he got it all. So guess who is really doing the happy dance now.

There is an extremely remote possibility it might grown back, but he said in all his years of practice he hasn’t seen that happen yet. If I am at all worried I’m to go and see him. Trust me I will be pounding on his door! In the unlikely event of that happening I have to see a plastic surgeon.

I’m just so glad it’s all over. I was working on the theory that no news was good news, but the wonderful Man that is my Doctor thought I would be worrying so rang to let me know. Honestly when you have a Doctor this good you keep him.

So now guess just how good my weekend just became….vbg. The kids are at the Annual Agricultural Show with Mum, they are staying with her overnight as well. Ashley and I are going out for tea – as yet where is undecided, but I would be happy with fish and chips down the park. This afternoon I am going to sew and in the mood I’m in hopefully I will get heaps done.

I hope your weekend is as good as mine is turning out.


4 thoughts on “My Results Are Back

  1. I know you’re relieved and I’m relieved for you! Mine was done 5 years ago or more and no sign of recurrence, so I’m sure you’ll be fine too. Wear that hat now!
    Hugs, MaryO

  2. joy joy joy!! such joy in hearing that it is gone! I have been cancer free for Thriteen years! And everyday is JOY!!

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