Just a Note On Photos

When I checked my Flickr photos today I noticed that I had a message saying I had exceeded the amount of photos allowable under a free account so I have just spent the last 20 minutes making tough decisions on which photos will stay and which will go.

In the end it came down to the oldest photos have gone while the newest, or what I considered the most interesting have stayed. My aplogies therefore, to anyone reading through my archives and finding that there are photos that are not available.

Personally I very rarely go into the archives of my blog let alone anyones elses unless there is something of interest they have referred back to. Even then there has tobe a link for me to follow it up. The postcard tutorial has stayed for those who are looking to use it as a reference. I couldn’t delete it after all that hard work.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone to much.


3 thoughts on “Just a Note On Photos

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Not sure exactly what they say in their messages, but when I looked into this once, what they said was that just the oldest photos dropped off your Flickr page, but always stayed in your blog. So you didn’t have to do anything, just reload any that you thought you might want to look at in Flickr.

    I ended up with a Pro account anyway (I wanted more than three sets), so never got to try it out.

  2. I did wonder about that Linda but did a clean up anyway – groan. What a hard decision. Now I wish I had looked into it a bit more. In time I might have toget the pro account as well. If nothing else, deleting the photos will make me work harder to fill my flickr site again…lol.

  3. The other thing you can do is just open another flickr account, with something like Calidore 2 or whatever……they you can have 6 sets.lol…


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