I’ve Been Tagged

Julia tagged me to disclose five weird things about me that you might not already know. The rules of the tag are that I’m supposed to list 5 weird things about myself or my pets. I then tag 5 friends and list them. These people write on their blogs, 5 weird things about themselves/pets and then tag 5 more people. I think however that as all the people I thought of to tag have already been tagged I will invite any of my readers to tag themselves and to leave a comment so I can pop over a learn somre more about you. How’s that for getting around the problem nicely..lol.

Now can I just say that when I told Ashley about this tag he just raised his eyebrows and said “So where do you begin?”. Hah! As if I’m weird! Well ok, so I am, but I also found it very diffiuclt to list five things – thinking that for me they are normal. When I put pen to paper I found it incredibly easy – which is really scary – and probably could have listed more – however I DO NOT want to scare you off my blog totally. So here goes……

1. I love organic home grown fruit and vegetables, but loathe the preperation that does into preserving them for the freezer or for bottling and as anyone knows there always seems to be feast or famine in a garden like mine. I loathe even more the waste that occurs if I don’t preserve the food.

2.. I love the look of the modern homes, very clean and uncluttered, but couldn’t live in one. It would be too sterile for me and I have to much STUFF, plus imagine how much dusting and cleaning there would be to keep it looking so clean. Lots of bits and peices lying around hides a multitude of sins I have found….vbg.

3. I love very funky way out jewellery – earring, necklaces, rings and bracelets – but never wear then cause I think I look really silly in them.

4. I love to put on my best clothes, do my hair, makeup, the lot just to go shopping (well I want to look good for the groceries) but then worry intensely that I either look like “mutton done up as lamb” or look twice my age – which probably says something about the clothes I choose.

5. I love to eat out, but at the last minute change my mind and stay home cause I think my cooking is heaps better than any chef’s and there is nothing nicer than eating home made fish and chips in your pj’s.

To see Julia’s weird things look here, Sandie’s are here, Jo’s are here. From each of those blogs you can find even more people willing to disclose weird things about themselves. Do check out the wonderful work that these ladies are doing while you are visiting their blogs there is heaps of inspiration and eye candy galore.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged

  1. LOL Catherine, you are NOT weird ….. your noted weird things, are very normal …….. I can’t wait to meet you to give you a big hug! Really related to the PJ part and slouching about eating … we’ll do that at Easter! HAHAHA .. better buy some PJ’s …….

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