Stitches and Gardening

I had the stitches removed from my face today so guess who is doing the happy dance…lol.

No results are back as yet but my Doctor has told me he will ring if it is anything serious. I guess it is the old story of no news is good news. The wound site looks really good and Doc was very pleased with it. I have a red scar that is about an inch long and the edges are still quite red, probably from buising, but I’m sure with time the redness with dissappear. As I said to the Sister, now I have a scar I can show off – the ones from the kids are….well lets face it……. in places that I’m not showing to anyone…roflol.

It is nice however to be able to go out again – I have hibernated for a week – not that that has resulted in me getting much done sewing wise. The weekend was spent gardening. There are now 18 tomatoe plants residing in the vegie garden – Burnely Surecrop (haven’t tried them before so if anyone can give me info on taste etc I would love to hear it) and Tommy Toe – which is truly the nicest, sweetest cherry tomatoe I have ever eaten. We also planted a dozen sweet potatoe plants and mulched everything heavily. Elise was busy hoeing between the plants that are already there and now all three kids have their own vegie garden beds (inside the vegie garden perimeter) that they are responsible for. Time will tell if they do any good, but they have been warned that I will not weed or water their gardens – they have to do that. I will however provide seeds and plants.

While on a roll I also weeded and got Ashley to help heavily prune the carport bed. Mum has given me some dahlias – pink ones I think – and they will go in there now the weeds are gone.

Today I potted up another eighteen tomatoes – Amish Paste and Silvery Fir Tree Tomatoes, plus put in more seeds of lettuce in my seedling raiser box. I am actually having some success with using this box so while my luck holds I shall keep going. It has had to put in a spot in the pergola where it gets morning sun – but in a place that Milly can’t reach as she loves to investigate anything I have been doing – with disasterous results.

Many of my roses are starting to flower and there are buds galore on the bushes. The Bearded Irises in all shades of purple are just a picture, the white May is heading towards the end of its flowering season but is still covered in blossom. I have started dumping dirt on the new garden bed – I really must take a photo. You can see just how big it is now the grass is all dead. Twice I had to poision it to kill everything and I think there is one section that may need a third go before I am satisfied that all the nasty difficult to weed stuff is gone. A horrible job poisioning, but sometime necessary.

I hope your weekend was a good one and the week full of promise of good things.




4 thoughts on “Stitches and Gardening

  1. Good news about your stitches, painless and not a big scar! I can;t believe you are so energetic! i wish i lived nearby, I love tomatoes!The ones we get here taste like cardboard and i can no longer dig anything ……lol…so, i am reduced to Hunt’s spaghetti sauce for my lycopene!

    So glad you updated us all, thank you Catherine.


  2. Sounds wonderful – I can’t wait to see the photos! I’m glad you’re feeling better, and am still keeping my digits crossed for your results to be all-clear.

    Take care!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better and looking lovely. I hope the tests will be negative and you are given a clean bill of health.

    You’ve certainly been busy in the garden. I’d love to see photos of all those roses when they flower – please.

    How is the water situation?

  4. Joining you in your happy dance, Catherine! Will keep you in my thoughts and pray for only good results from the lab tests! The scar will practically disappear in time!!
    I’d LOVE to see your garden!

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