This and That

There isn’t a whole lot happening down this end of the world I’m afraid to say. Yesterday was hot and windy – try 30 degrees and it’s only Spring! Makes me wonder just what Summer is going to be like. We didn’t resort to the air conditioner but Ashley is starting to wonder just how long it will be before we do need it. No rain unfortuantely(despite the smell of it in the air) so guess how dry my garden is looking. The roses I transplanted a week or so ago are looking sad, but hopefully will survive with a bit of TLC. At least today is cool and even cloudy which will help the roses.

We had the annual Swap Meet on the weekend. It is the only fund raising event the car club, which Ashley is a member of, holds. I wasn’t organising it this year (thank goodness) so I enjoyed it enormously….funny about that. Beautiful weather, heaps of people there to look and buy, lots of vintage cars to sticky beak at and at the end of it all, plenty of money for our club to make more improvement for the clubhouse and track – which after all is the main aim of the whole weekend. I even manage to purchase two succulents (which I didn’t have) but then Ashley took back the change so I couldn’t spend any more……sigh/sob.

Unfortunately though by the end of it I ended up with an extremly sore back – not unusual considering I am on my feet constantly for two days, but this time was worse than normal. Most of the time I can ignore it but I ended up in bed quite a bit since Sunday. Never mind it’s on the mend – a good massage from Ashley helped enormously and a good nights sleep as well.

Tomorrow (all being well) Mum, Elise, Nicola and I are going to Bendigo shopping – about a 2 hour drive. The girls desperately need clothes and shoes. While I admit the fashions are all the same, it really bugs me when I see a group of girls all dressed identically (like they work in the same office – except they are at school) as there isn’t a lot of choice in our town. Sort of reminds me of a flock of sheep – too frightened to be an individual. So while the fashions in Bendigo are probably similar, there is a huge range to choose from and will a bit of luck the girls will look like themselves, not one of the crowd.

Ashley is frantically busy at work but coping with being on his own. I have had a few days last week where I went and helped him. There is nothing like lying face down in the dirt, pulling wires through a trench to make your day…lol. We are slowly getting organised to go out on our own business wise. You don’t realise just how much there is to do and the paper work has to be seen to be believed. I should add a footnote here…….there will probably be quite a few mentions (read heaps – although I will try not to bore you all) of the business as I think it will be dominating our lives for a while – at least until we are organised.

I have done a little sewing – another shirt nearly finished. The more I make in this pattern the easier it gets – funny about that! No more has been done on the Gather Blocks for Easter, but they are lying in plain sight so I don’t forget them. Trolling the internet for new ideas, just gives me more and more projects I want to do but can’t until these are finished.

I hope your weekend was a good one and the rest of the week is full of promise of exciting things to come.

Hugs to all



2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Hi Catherine, Sorry I have’nt been around… I’m here now though. Have you got any photos of your recent crafts… I’d love to see them. xox Nicole.

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