Life and Death

If someone had told me a week ago, that this week we would be mourning the loss of two well known Australians – I wouldn’t have believed them.

Earlier this week we were faced with the news that the “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was killed in an accident while filming a documentary off the coast of North Queensland. Today the news was that motoring legend, Peter Brock, died in an accident while racing in a rally in Western Australia.

Both Ashley and I feel like we are in a state of shock. That two men, both in the prime of their lives, should be taken so suddenly and in such tragic circumstances is unbelievable. There is the consolation I guess, that both men died doing what they loved – Steve interacting with the wildlife he was so passionate about and Peter racing a car in a sport that he devoted so much of his life to.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family, friends and work collegues of these two men.

Human life is fragile; and precious; and a gift.

We are going to treasure our lives as the gift that it is.


2 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. It does come as a shock when people who seem so invincible suddenly show they are not. It makes you really realize that you are not as well.

    My condolences on the losses in your country.

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