James is 7

I know I said I wasn’t posting for a while, but I wouldn’t forgive me and I’m darn sure James wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t post some photos of his 7th Birthday which was yesterday.

Yes my little man is 7 already (seems like yesterday he was just a baby in my arms) and quite grown up as he informs me on a regular basis….lol.

I made cakes for school so his class could enjoy them….
Party Cakes for School

and then James had six friends here for a party last night. It only went for an hour, thank goodness, the noise was amazing but they all had heaps of fun which was the main thing. Makes me glad we only have one boy though – six was a bit full on.
Party Fun
All the boys thoroughly enjoyed having a kick of the footy – especially when Ashley joined in, although I think Ben the Guinea Pig (in the cage in the middle of the photo) wondered just what was going on.

Today was the Maths Parade at school celebrating literacy and numeracy week (at least I think that’s what it was for) plus the Father’s Day Sausage Sizzel which Ashley loves just as much if not more than the kids….lol.

I’m supposed to be sewing or doing something, but housework, preparing cauliflower for the freezer and visitors seem to be against me. Murrabit market tomorrow and I will come home laden with plants and vegie seedlings all ready for my spring planting.

Until I chat again – take care.



11 thoughts on “James is 7

  1. Oh, I wish I could just beam over and go to the market with you! Your son does, indeed, look very grown up in that top picture. What a heart-breaker he will be!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, James. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday and your party. It must have been so much fun showing Daddy the proper way to kick a football.

    Those little birthday cakes look yummy. Any left for me???

    Catherine, can I squeeze into the car for the trip to the markets – I have lots of gaps that need filling.

  3. James says to say thank you. He is busy playing with all his new toys or no doubt he would be typing this message…lol.

    Alice come on over, plenty of room in the car the girls aren’t coming with us so there is a spare couple of seats. Would value your opinion on what I buy.

  4. Happy Birthday James.
    Love the tiny teddies on the cakes, I will file that away for future use.
    It’s all go for Ben. I asked him what he wanted ( tho I don’t think he really gets it), and he will be changing school next term (5 weeks).

  5. A happy belated birthday to James! I remember being seven 🙂

    Take care and don’t forget us on your blogging break – we miss you!

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