Reality Check of an Ordinary Woman

There comes a time when even I must admit that I am not Super Woman, Super Mum or even Super. It has been a very long winter and with most of us, especially Elise, ill – I feel emotionally, mentally and phyically drained.

So after a lot of thought, discussion with Mum and Ashley and prayer I have decided to take a break from blogging for a while.

I started blogging with so much enthusiasm and joy and have of late found much of that lacking. Many of you may have seen that in my posts. While I know there is no pressure on me to blog each day or even each week, I have felt that there was a need to do so. I am not so egotistical to think that many of you suffer withdrawal symptons if I haven’t posted for a while – it was more my ego that said “Blog – dammit, Blog. There must be something of interest in your life you can write about”. Well I’m sorry to say – that there isn’t anything remotely interesting happening lately. Probably because I’m too tired to do anything and the creative drive is on extended holiday.

So for a while I will take a little holiday. I don’t want to delete my blog – there are too many happy memories and comments from friends that I cherish, but posting will be far and few between for a while. No doubt tomorrow I will find items of such interest that the world will have to be told about them but they will have to wait for a while. If they are still of interest in a few weeks time then you shall hear of them.

Don’t worry about me please. I haven’t had another meltdown and while at times I feel like sitting in the corner sucking my thumb, it hasn’t come to that – yet! I do feel the need to take a step back and discover myself again before I really do fall apart. My health at this time in my life, both mental and physical, has to be my priority.

I will still be emailling and rest assured I will be keeping up with your blogs (Big Calidore is watching you….hehehehe….good grief that sounds scary…lol) and on occassion I will be commenting.

As for what I will be doing while on this extended discovery of myself….well there are all those clothes to make for myself, plus Elise and Nicola have put in some orders. There is the little matter of 13 Get together crazy quilted blocks to be made and embellished. Having cleaned and resorted my fabric stash there are quite a number of quilts that are just begging to be made as well, not to mention all those that need quilting and binding. Some baking would be nice. Milly needs some serious training and we have started walking together. Now I just have to convince her that every car that drives past is not out to get her . The garden needs a a serious overhaul and redesigning in certain areas, not to mention weeds to be mulched, trees to be planted, watering systems to be laid and more cuttings taken. The family need me most of all – as I’m an sure that they have only received half of Mum for a while. Plus Ashley and I really want to take a weekend trip away together – just the two of us – for a break. We have been Mum and Dad for so long, that we have nearly forgotton how to be Catherine and Ashley.

Please take care of yourselves. I will be keeping up with all you are doing and as always I am only an email away. Just because I’m not blogging doesn’t mean I’m avoiding you all.




13 thoughts on “Reality Check of an Ordinary Woman

  1. Hi Catherine …… know you are loved, lots and lots ……. understand the need for a break …… huggles ya

  2. Take care Catherine…
    Best to take a break before you do have a melt down, life does get one down at times.
    Will be thinking of you.

  3. Dear Catherine – take as long as you like and don’t apologise. It will be good for you to recapture your enthusiasm for the other things you enjoy doing and the things you must do.

    You certainly won’t be forgotten. I’m sure your name will just happen to creep into an email or two from time to time.

    With much love and very best wishes always – Frances.

  4. Take Care Catherine. I too havent blogged for a while. Being a Mum and Grandmother is my priority and we have all been sick for a long time this Winter too. I too am taking a break but still catch up on what everyone is doing. Hope to see you back when you feel refreshed and ready. Hugsss

  5. I will miss you – your idea to just tke a holiday as you said – leave it for a month two months and then come back – you will be fresh and happy – I have done that and it does everyone the world of good- blogging is supposed to be fun!

  6. Thank you all for you kind comments. See I’m not blogging, just commenting…lol. The creative juices are starting to flow – one top partially made already. Who knows what I can acheive if I just give myself time.

  7. Catherine of the Garden! well, i love your blog and will miss your little ramblings,but if you don;t blog, that;s fine,,,if you never had a blog at all i would still have adored your posts about stuff on the lists we are on togehter… i am hoping that you will still particpate in those…..because what i really don;t want to miss is YOU!

    And you healthy, refreshed,enthusiastic is the best part of hearing from you….just so you know,anytime you need ..give any one of us a holler……and that includes me..i am always willing to listen.gggg

    katiejayinpa AT gmail DOT com

  8. Now you take care Catherine… Do all those things that you would like to do… Everyone needs to take some time out and regroup… I will be thinking of you… xxxx

  9. Catherine,
    I will miss popping in to visit you, but I do understand the need to take a break now and then.

    Enjoy your time away and I will look forward to visiting sometime down the road.

  10. this whole blogging thing gets a little crazy sometimes and I guess we’ve all wondered sometimes what the heck we are doing here (note use of mild expletive VBG) – take your break, enjoy, refresh your creativity,

    best wishes

  11. Sorry to meet you, just as you’re going away! Sometimes one needs a break from the routine, and if blogging isn’t exciting for you, it’s definitely become routine. I enjoyed the entries I read, though, even if they were just every day things – that’s what most of life is. =)

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